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7 Wrong Reasons to Start a Logo Design Business

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Written By: Nora Reed

We’ve all walked down that road: set up our business, work at our timings, take home all the profits, enjoy more free time, etc. Often, we tend to overplay the benefits, or even misunderstand them, looking at the idea of establishing one’s own logo designing business through rose-tinted glasses.

However, being you own boss is no walk in the park. If you are seriously thinking of starting it on your own as logo designer, make sure it’s not for one of the reasons listed below.


1. I’m a Logo Designing Champ

Sure, you may be a brilliant logo designer. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good entrepreneur as well. Besides good designing skills, running a business requires great management skills, interpersonal skills for dealing with clients, coordinating various activities, etc. Before taking the plunge, try to get experience in all these different skills to see where you stand as a logo designing business owner.


2. Less Work, More Play

Many logo designers dream of the day they’ll own their own business, work only 5 hours a week, spend more time with their families, have more leisurely activities and so on. But this cant be further from reality. In a service-based business such as logo designing, clients often have unrealistic expectations from designers, be it turnaround times or the number of options presented to them. This always means more rather than less work. Besides, to make a strong footing as a logo designing entrepreneur, you will HAVE to put in much longer hours.


3. I wanna be my own Boss!

Everyone would love being the boss rather than be bossed around, and having your own little business may seem like the best way. But being your own boss opens up a set of daunting challenges on its own. Whatever goes on with the business is your sole responsibility with no one to blame, and the onus of expanding your client base also rests on your shoulders. You need an iron fist more than any other time, and it is not as easy and rosy as you would like to believe.


4. Will make BIG Money

Trust us, it takes a long time before your logo designing business is established that the money starts pouring in huge bundles. It will take a lot of hard work and a lot of time to make the big bucks. If you start up a logo designing business with the sole aim of making a lot of cash, you are probably setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.


5. My Colleagues are a pain!!!

You hate your nagging co-designer? Or the guy in the next cabin who’s always talking on the phone at the top of his lungs? Think you’ll get away from all annoying people when you set up a business? Think again. In a service-based business like logo designing, there will be suppliers you’ll have to deal with, technicians who you’ll need on and off for your computer system, you might even have to hire a staff or two, and how can we forget the ever-demanding client! If escaping from people is you motive, know that what you’re wishing for is extremely unrealistic.


6. People would know me all over the town!

Everyone loves to be famous. You’re respected, acknowledged and people love socializing with you. But this is the worst reason to have your own start-up. Instead of thinking “hmmm, this way I can be quite famous”, think, “hmmm, what can make my designs brilliant”.


7. Everything under my Control

One tends to believe they’ll take charge of various things like the time allocated per project, the types of clients chosen, rates charged, etc., as per their own liking. But the economy, types of clients and the rates you charge will be influenced by several factors other than what you want. The rate charged will be influenced by the competition and the financial situation of your business and the overall economy will bear on the number and types of clients you take up.


These are the worst reasons to be starting a logo designing business. There are good reasons for doing so too. What are your comments, readers?


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