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Which is your favorite art inspired Google logo?

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Written By: Nora Reed

Most companies looking for a branding solution will toss and turn losing sleep over the most minute details of their company logo. What many of them are looking for is the “perfect” logo that will be universally recognized. What they don’t realize is that while a logo does help you get noticed, it is the product that really sets you apart. To find that perfect balance it makes sense to look where you find the answer to almost every other question looming today, Google.

While Google was revolutionizing how users navigate the internet, they were also changing the face of their business. Google’s homepage is incredibly simple, incorporating only the their logo, a single search bar, and a handful of hyperlinks. Even with this primitive design users continually flock to the most popular search engine on the internet. Why? because image isn’t everything.

While you may not be able to search for why Google’s logo is successful, you can certainly see it. Google has been known to change its logo possibly more than any other company the public has seen.

Google has kept their logo’s general shape the same, but simultaneously proven that finer parts of a logo really don’t matter. By offering one of the most reliable search engines, with competitive accuracy and volumes of data, Google established itself as a dominant player on the net. Now they have the ability to play with their image, keeping it fun, creative, and interesting; all reflections of Google’s strengths.

Whether it be holidays, current events, seasons, celebrity birthdays, or just random artwork, Google has the opportunity to change the face of their company. Here are some of my personal art inspired favorites. Vote on your favorites:

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    Google logo art rock painting

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