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30 Inspiring Heart Logos to celebrate Valentine Day

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Written By: Nora Reed

With the “Valentine Fever” taking all over, I decided to showcase 30 heart logo designs to rejoice the Valentine Day. This heartwarming festival is celebrated by loved ones all over the world. Flowers, confectionaries and expressive greeting cards have remained a constant fervor among dear couples. “Heart shaped” symbols are excessively used on this festival to express love and care for our dear ones. Hence, graphical use of hearts in logo designing is a great means of communicating your love and enthusiasm to your customers.

Besides the heart shape, several other love related logo designs are existent. Some of these logo designs include an apple, cupid, rose, love knot and love birds. But there is one intriguing aspect of the heart logo designs. Every symbol in logo design has a significant meaning… similarly heart logos can convey your message of sincerity and trust to your special “customers”.


Bird Lover

Bird Lover  Logo Design

Wine Lover

Wine Lover Logo Design

Cloud of Lover

Cloud of Lover Logo Design

Muffin Lovin

Muffin Lovin Logo Design

Love Curry

Love Curry Logo Design


Valentino Logo Design

Heart Bank

Heart Bank Logo Design

Heart is Tree

Heart is Tree Logo Design

Love You Sew

Love You Sew Logo Design


WF Logo Design

Tweet Love

Tweet Love Logo Design

Love Picks

Love Picks Logo Design


Volunteer Logo Design


Passionate Logo Design

Makia Bakery

Makia Bakery Logo Design

Trial of Hamlet

Trial of Hamlet Logo Design

Bug Luv

Bug Luv Logo Design

What is Love?

What is Love? Logo Design

Love Biites

Love Biites Logo Design

My Love Tale

My Love Tale Logo Design

Heart Break

Heart Break Logo Design

Think Love

Think Love Logo Design

Love Systems

Love Systems Logo Design


Valentino Logo Design

Heart Gallery

Heart Gallery Logo Design


Moustache Logo Design

Love Poker

Love Poker Logo Design


Hooipo Logo Design

Pen Pals

Pen Pals Logo Design

Heart Aid

Heart Aid Logo Design

Love Yarn

Love Yarn Logo Design

Team Disaster

Team Disaster Logo Design

19 Responses to “30 Inspiring Heart Logos to celebrate Valentine Day”

  1. Laurent Jouvin Says:

    I have the feeling we’re about to see a lot of heart designs in the near future. However, you put together a very nice collection. Very inspiring! I found this other heart logo design that I’d like to share…
    Katrina & Beyond: A foundation for helping victims of Katrina hurricane.
    Credits: Maciej Szylke (

  2. Stunning Mesh Says:

    Awesome and beautiful.

  3. logoziner Says:

    Excellent collection! love to see all 30 logos! great!

  4. Narcissus Says:

    Another heart logo

  5. mat0346 Says:

    pen pals are for losers

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  8. Attitude Design | Graphic Design Portfolio Says:

    Thanks for this post – great selection of clever and creative brands.

  9. Logo Design London Says:

    Really impressed with your work….Excellent!
    Thanks for a very nice collection

  10. Keeble Says:

    The Valentino is pretty clever.

  11. Logo Design Monster Says:

    I think bird lover is my favorite of the logos. There quite a few good ones though. Great selection, thank for sharing them.

  12. Shovan Says:

    creative logos, like heart aid logo

  13. galaxark Says:

    very inspiring logos! in my blog too..

  14. andipandi Says:

    What were the people at Hooipo thinking? Heart is not the first thing I see when I look at that logo.

  15. alexnjoy Says:

    Looks really great =) “Tweet Love” looks nice

  16. ujo Says:

    Terrific Terrific, most incredible, i love em!!!

  17. MBO Says:

    love it! wonderful job. I would agree with “ujo” tweet love is really nice.

  18. Core Yarn Says:

    Wow! Best heart logos I have seen in a while.. Thank you.

  19. inblues Says:

    lovely … love it so much!

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