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Celebrating the new Disney-Hollywood Studios logo

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Written By: Nora Reed

As part of their ongoing celebrations, Disney-MGM Studios will be renamed to Disney Hollywood Studios to mark the 20th anniversary of the theme park, effective from January 7, 2008. Additionally, a new Disney logo was also unveiled on October 25, 2007 to commemorate the change. This change to the Studio’s identity was taken after eighteen years. The new Disney logo and the name will reflect the celebration of the entertainment that Hollywood has to offer, in music, television, movies, and theater for which the park is renowned.

Old Disney-Hollywood Studios logo

The Disney-MGM studios logo had a roaring lion in it, famously called ‘Tanner the Lion’, with the name ‘Metro Goldwyn Mayer’ encircling the lion. This was also the official trademark of MGM. Mickey Mouse, as the official mascot of Disney World, was shown below the lion, holding a clapboard. Three different fonts are used for ‘Disney’, ‘MGM’ and ‘Studios’, each having its own distinctive character. The brightly colored Disney-MGM Studios logo had blue, yellow, white and red as the dominating colors.

New Disney-Hollywood Studios logo

The new Disney-Hollywood Studios logo, along with its contemporary name, has a totally novel and refreshing look. It has ‘black’ as the prevailing color to demonstrate glamour, style and sophistication. Again, three different fonts with three different sizes are used in the Disney-Hollywood Studios logo, all in black with gold lining ornamenting every letter. Additionally, the sassy Disney icon, Mickey Mouse, is still seen holding a clapboard in the new Disney-Hollywood Studios logo, but this time popping out of the letter ‘O’ in ‘Studios’. The Studios’ vice-president, Michael O’Grattan, accentuated that Mickey plays a prominent role’ for Walt Disney and without it they might end up losing their signature flair.

Publicly, this new image of Disney-MGM Studios has been widely appreciated and accepted. The energizing change of the new Disney-Hollywood Studios will soon take the Disney passionate youth by storm, after its upshot this January, and will ultimately give uplift to The Walt Disney Company.

About Disney:
The Disney brothers, Walter and Roy, founded the Walt Disney Company on October 16, 1923. It has become the second largest Media and Entertainment Company in the world with revenues of more than $30 billion USD. Its theme park, Disney-MGM Studios, opened on May 1, 1989 at Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA, focusing on the theme of show business.

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