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A Successful Logo Designer – Taught or Talented?

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Written By: Nora Reed

My post title is a simple question but I would like to elaborate it further to help you find a reasonable answer. People who have been in this design industry for so long are not sure on “what makes a successful logo designer…a design degree or creative skills?

Lately, surveys have proved Graphic Design to be one of the most demanding and famous career choices. Number of students graduate from design schools every year but only few of them turn out to be successful designers. They all get their design degrees but why only some of them leave their marks in the industry?  

It is all because design lessons and degrees can "sharpen" one’s skills to a certain level of perfection but it is the inner gifted spark which helps a designer go long way. However, in this advanced computer age anyone with a latest version of Adobe Creative Suite and a Mac book pro, can claim to be a logo designer but only few come up with great designs.

Short and sweet, a design degree and few design software on your laptop, are not enough to make you a successful logo designer. Design Degree and Design tools can help you learn the mechanics, concepts, and theories of designing but they can’t add magic to your logo designs.

Please don’t assume that I claim design degrees to be useless and accredit raw talent to be the secret of a successful logo designer. After all, there is no way to skip the eternal trend of hiring logo designers or logo design companies on basis of their design degrees and design certificates. It’s a bitter truth that many talented designers fail to get jobs in established design firms because they haven’t been to a reputable design school.

Who takes the award – Design Degree, Design Tools or Talent?
Many people believe that one should work hard and gets a degree to do wonders in a field while others are too confident about their creativity skills. Many also rely on the additional exposure and services provided by the internet advancement.

Anyhow, I have openly shared my perspective with you all but still cannot decide which characteristic makes a successful logo designer….Design Degrees, Design Tools or Talent?

Now your go ;)


18 Responses to “A Successful Logo Designer – Taught or Talented?”

  1. Robert Zembrzycki Says:

    I think it’s a blend of all of the above factors. If you have a talent, you have yourself good software and you’ve been taught, you WILL be a good designer. Without the spark, you will be yet another graphic designer doing same thing over and over at some company, and without proper education, you will be wandering in the dark not knowing how to comply to your clients needs. So there you go…. it’s a blend of it all, shades of grey, no black and white :P

  2. Roy Says:

    Some things you just can`t learn …

  3. Mike Says:

    Talent is creativity, Degree is controlling creativity, and the tools are the practice necessary for professional execution. I can’t imagine a designer capable of designing a logo without all 3.

  4. Medisoft Says:

    I think a BIG part of being a successful logo designer is practice practice practice. Getting the degree is nice, talent is nice, but without constantly practicing and improving you won’t get anywhere.

    Then, after you’re “good”, it’s a matter of getting “lucky” by having someone with pull see your designs and have you do work for them.

  5. theLULAdesigns Says:

    A great logo designer not only must have innate talent and the skills and tools to transform the abstract to concrete, but must also be able to dig deep to seize the essence of the organization/business to inspire timeless awe.


    this is simple TALENTED…

    You can teach anyone to do something but those who have it built in are far to savy and experts in making it happen the right way.. why cause they do it from the heart and not as a JOB..

    Hope this answer merits a prize or two.. :,)

    Norman Flecha

  7. Leighton Hubbell Says:

    There are quite a few very talented designers out there that do wonderful work. Many of them are well educated and some that are not. Amazingly enough, a large percentage of them are not great logo designers.

    Logo design is a unique talent that is well honed with lots of practice and the discipline and drive to improve the medium. As was mentioned before, you need to love to do it and do it from the heart.

  8. Luke Southwell Says:

    Talent accompanied by hardwork will definitely pay-off. Designing logos is not simply a drawing but to create a picture of something that has a kind of one look attraction that will captivate the eyes of the masses. Equipment in making a logo is also a contributing factor but in my opinion, equipment would still be nothing if there is no talented designer.

  9. Joseph Rey Says:

    I agree with most that it takes both talent and education to be, and to continue being, on top of your design game. Computer programs change, trends change, logos change, everything changes–so to become a great designer and think, “that’s it, I’m done” is a mistake. As an artist, hopefully, you are never done learning and growing.

    To Mr. Southwell’s point, the best equipment a designer could have is a creative brain.

  10. Laurent Jouvin Says:

    Absolutely both! They go hand in hand and complement each other.
    However, if you only had to have one, I believe natural talent is the most essential one of the 2. The knowledge (design degrees) will only solidify the natural talent and passion for the art.
    But we could easily add one more important skill, and that is experience.

  11. A Successful Logo Designer – Taught or Talented? | Logo Design Blog | Drakz Free Online Service Says:

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  12. Custom Logo Design Says:

    I’m very impressed by the Joseph’s comment but this post is really very great.

  13. Mother of Pearl Says:

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  14. Company Logo Design Says:

    I agree with you to be a remarkable designer inner gifted spark is necessary along with the degree to live long into the industry. It’s all about creativity, imagination and your perception.

  15. bob shoemaker Says:

    I think a major part of being a best logo designer constantly practicing the tools is the biggest and major part for become a best logo designer.

  16. webbureau Says:

    There is a big difference on being a logo designer and a webdesigner. I run a web agency with 30 people. Many of our best web designers are the crappiest logo designers, and the other way around for our logo designers. You dont need any degree to be a successfull logo designer, you just have to listen to your clients and have a good and imaginative brain.

  17. Affordable Logo Design Says:

    i think its a creativity for developing a logo design and talent of thinking then make good logo design.

  18. Webdesign Thomas Says:

    100% talent is my experience and focus on logo design (coorporate identity) only. It’s an area of it’s own, on wich you have to specialize if want to be realy good.

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