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Too many elements spoil the logo to Some living mistakes!

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Written By: Nora Reed

We’ve heard of the old proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, but there is a new maxim that logo designers must ponder … “Too many elements spoil the logo”. Sometimes, it is difficult to realize as to what makes a memorable logo? There is no arguing the fact that simplicity and minimalism is the key to perfection. As the great Leonardo da Vinci himself puts it…Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

We have witnessed many logo designs fail, even though they were created by maestros. Using the design elements in disarray is the biggest reason for the downfall of many logos. Although embellished and decorated logos may look good in the mock-up version, but it doesn’t appear the same in the implemented form.


Absurd Symbols and Shapes:

Adding too many symbols and icons that have no pertinence to the logo always proves to be catastrophic. Recall the infamous London 2012 logo. Inspite of the fact that it was designed by the famous logo designer Wolff Olins, it proved to be a disaster. The biggest criticism it faced was its vague shapes used to denote 2012. The logo altogether became a clutter.


Busy and Cluttered look:  

Loading a logo with too many design elements hides its main message. A case in point is the Burnley logo design which looks nothing more than a clutter of rubber bands of various colors intermingled into a complex knot. Neither does the logo in any way signify the city, nor is it fitting for an official logo.


Using scribbled fonts:

Font is a critical aspect of t a logo design. Using appropriate font type is crucial in designing brand identities. Fonts in logo design signify the degree of gravity and professionalism of an entity. You might remember the France tourism logo redesign last year. Its typeface was highly censured for its informal and childish look.


Too vivid can be too vague:

Although it is true that colors add life to a logo design, but too vivid can become too vague. The use of color is closely associated with human psychology. That is why use of colors must be appropriate and pertinent to the brand identity. A big logo design disaster was Kraft’s new logo which contains a burst of colors at the end of a red ‘smile’. This was obviously not a suitable for a large corporation like Kraft’s and did not complement their nature of business.


Stick to the essentials:  

In conclusion, logo designers must never overlook the essentials of a logo design…It should be simple, recognizable, comprehendible and meaningful. The design elements should be used in balance so as to create a memorable, distinct, appealing and momentous logo.


17 Responses to “Too many elements spoil the logo to Some living mistakes!”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    Good advice. I’ve always tried to follow the KISS rule!

  2. logo designing bangalore Says:

    nice article about logo design n its mistakes

  3. Franck (logo designer) Says:

    The french logo wouldn’t have caused any issue if it was made for the french audience.

    The main problem here is that the designer forgot or ignored the fact that font interpretation can dramatically change from one country to another.

    From the eye of a French person, the chosen fonts would inspire the following feelings or images : art, culture, poetry, genuineness.

  4. love it Says:

    I had no idea the London logo was ’2012′….disaster

  5. Reed Botwright Says:

    KISS is the only way to go. We try to stick to simplicity and elegance, instead of flash and trend.

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  7. Interior Design Fireplaces Says:

    Wolff Olins just messed up when he has made the London 2012 logo.

  8. Alberto Says:

    Very interesting advice.

    Thank you so much. Promise I’ll keep it on mind :)

  9. korniv Says:

    I agree, but some clients like it colorfull and you can’t explain them this facts…

  10. Rachel Says:

    I quite like the Kraft one, its jolliness makes me forget that their cheese is disgusting.

  11. Marilyn Says:

    Agree with the logo design mistakes! Simplicity is often the best way to go. :)

  12. Manchester Logo Design Says:

    I don’t think the trouble with the olympic logo is that it’s over complicated but that it’s aiming for originality at the expense of everything else. I found this article showing all the past olympic logos. Love Montreal and LA.

  13. DataMouse Says:

    Is it me, or does the 2012 Olympic logo resemble Lisa Simpson performing fellatio?

  14. SteveM Says:

    That is not a comparison I would ever have made, although thousands have agreed with it since it was first made (whoever first came up with it must be very pleased with themselves).

    The 2012 logo has been a disaster in terms of Joe Public’s reaction (egged on by the tabloids) but it’s not the worst Olympic logo (Mexico 68′s is arguably more of an eyesore, Munich 72′s is arguably less coherent…and can anyone even remember what Beijing’s or Athens looked like, so bland as they were?).

    It is very nearly a great logo – personally I don’t like the second 2 and the colour combos are usually too garish. In many ways it is a success (it’s cross-media versatility, how well contained and neatly ‘square’ it is formally).

    But it may have been unwise to place so much empthasis on the year the event takes place. People know when this is, and I’d rather the ’20′ had been ditched as the novelty of this century has surely worn off by now!

  15. Projeto8 - Consultoria Comercial e Assessoria Says:

    [...] a maioria. Vendo toda essa polêmica resolvi trazer para cá um artigo que li essa semana no LogoBlog, formado por designers dos Emirados Árabes. No texto, escrito por Nora Reed, é apresentado 4 [...]

  16. Offshore web development Says:

    Good advice. Simplicity is often the best way to go. :)
    Thanks for sharing

  17. Henrypeter Says:

    I agree this logo design mistakes logo is very very important in business and website… so choose is logo very carefully…….

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