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Soccer logos

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Written By: Nora Reed

Soccer logos play a vital role for a soccer team. A smart and intelligent soccer logo provides a soccer team with proper recognition. Mostly, soccer teams are known and acknowledged world over by their logos that attract the audience on a large scale. Hence, it is possible to conclude that soccer logos are an essential element for the success of the soccer team. Thus, soccer logos must be bold and attractive so as to draw the spectators to the game.

Elements of Soccer Logos:

Soccer logos must implement an ever-lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. A soccer logo must highlight the progressive effort and the distinctiveness of the team. Generally, soccer logos must depict the characteristics of victory and accomplishment.

Colors of Soccer Logos:

Colors play a major role in unfolding a brand’s significance. Nevertheless, the soccer logos possess prominent colors to grab the audience’s attention. Generally, red, yellow, blue and black are the colors that are used in soccer logos. These colors indicate the solidity, endurance and strength of a soccer team.

Manchester United Logo

Fonts of Soccer Logos:

The fonts used in most soccer logos are serif typefaces (Times Roman, Arial, etc.). These fonts in soccer logos tribute the significance of the soccer team by displaying bold and simple typefaces, to make it easy for everyone to comprehend. The simpler the font, the better it is.

Arsenal Logo

Style of Soccer Logos:

Usually, the soccer logos have a cordial and expounding style that describes the soccer team itself. The shape of the soccer logo of a particular team reflects victory and triumph. Some of the soccer logos have specific illustrations, usually animals, in them to give a strong impression.

Chelsea football Club Logo

A logo builds up an outlook of a brand and also imposes an impression on the audience. The dominance of the soccer team is best described by the colors, symbols and typefaces of the soccer logo. When suitable elements are altogether employed, proper soccer logos are formed that demand recognition and distinction.

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  1. Rob Mason Says:

    It’s football, not soccer :)

    Also it’s worth noting that a lot of the current logos have been “branded” over the years, but may have started out looking very different. Many (if not all) actually started out life as a heraldic coat of arms. You could probably right a piece on each and every football club crest and be busy for months!

  2. Brian Yerkes Says:

    Soccer logos also sometimes look like a shield, just like the Arsenal one.

    I like how this type of soccer logo gives off the representation of an army ready to go into battle with their shield, or celtic tribe insignia clearly shown on their uniform. It gives the jersey’s that extra image of strength and passion as the players go out to battle.

    The Arsenal one is also slightly web 2.0 ish with it’s vertical gradients of red!

    Nice post

  3. aaron Says:

    something nice and cool

  4. pchan Says:

    pls teach me.
    what is the typeface of Arsenal?

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    [...] look. The spots that are left on the white background somewhat resemble the black and white of a soccer [...]

  6. tony calabrese Says:

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    I really don’t believe it. I hope Wayne is ok for the cup!

  8. Derrick Holding Says:

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  9. gusi Says:

    i love all the teams

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