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Famous Redesigned Logos of 2009 – A huge roundup!!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Another year has come to an end…. time to wave goodbye to the year 2009. With every ending year, we get to see interesting collections on different blogs, after all its packing time ;) Such compilations rewind all the pleasant and unpleasant happenings of the closing year and it’s always fun to go through them. 

Being in the design community, I couldn’t think of anything better then displaying the major redesigned logos of 2009. Although, famous companies and brands have established identity but to transmit an up-to-date image they keep playing with their logos. We all know that re-branding or logo re-design is no easy task and results can be harmful as well but still we get to see revamped famous logos.

Today, I present you a huge roundup of 2009 redesigned logos. Just for a reminder, this collection does not claim all the redesigns to be successful or best ones. I leave it to you all to decide which redesigns worked out well and which were a disappointment.
Like every year, 2009 also witnessed famous brands experimenting with their logo designs. Few brands utterly emerged with a new look while others ended up with minimal changes. I would like to know your thoughts about the logo redesigning process….do you think famous brands should risk their identity by redesigning their logos?

1 ) Telecom


2 ) Play Station 3


3 ) Sunny Delight


4 ) Lays


5 ) Sony Ericsson


6 ) Yale


7 ) Sprite


8 ) Segd


9 ) Pfizer


10 ) Opera


11 ) OMCA


12 ) Msn


13 ) Nickelodeon


14 ) Movistar


15 ) Meiji

16 ) Kraft Foods


17 ) Doctor Who


18 ) Jack in the Box


19 ) France


20 ) Master Card


21 ) Forth Worth Museum of Science and History


22 ) Cadillac

23 ) Discovery Kids


24 ) Chicken Now

25 ) City of Melbourne


26 ) Cheer


27 ) Bavaria


28 ) Audi


29 ) AOL


30 ) Art Gallery of Alberta


31 ) Videocon


32 ) Veggie Tales


33 ) Olympic Air


34 ) Quick Time


35 ) FireFox


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73 Responses to “Famous Redesigned Logos of 2009 – A huge roundup!!”

  1. Faiste Says:

    Who did that ?! Some of them are really awesome

  2. Joe Pastori Says:

    The AOL redesign seems very appropriate. From a clean, readable design to a complete mess.

  3. Colin Bunston Says:

    I really appreciate seeing a catalogue of redesigned logos by many large brands. As a designer I am surprised at some of the redesigns. Firefox didn’t really change that much and AOL should have stuck with their original. Videocon and Chicken Now I think were the best updated logos in this group.

  4. Colin Bunston Says:

    I didn’t see Walmart on this list. Not sure what year they changed, but I just noticed it this year. I think that is one company that really didn’t need a logo change and as a consumer they confused me by having all marketing materials with the new logo and their stores sticking with the old logos. I feel if you are going to change, you have to change your brand everywhere. The problem with Walmart is that, there are so many locations, the cost would be quite signifcant.
    I am interested to hear what others think about this branding change by the giant retailer.

  5. mark montoya Says:

    Amazing how a little bit of work can go a long way. Some of the changes seemed ‘minor’ but the difference was impressive.

  6. Adolfo Juárez Cacho y Ruiz Says:

    What about Pepsi??

  7. Nora Reed Says:

    Hi All….thanks for stopping by and appreciating the collection of 2009 redesigned logos.

    @ Adolfo Juárez Cacho y Ruiz……I did not include famous redsigns like “Pepsi” and “Walmart” because I thought we already have heard so much about these redesigns. I tried to compile the overlooked redesigns.

    @ mark montoya…I agree, some changes are really impressive like “videocon” and “aga”. Which is your favorite one?

    @Joe Pastori…I think you meant that “AOL” redesign is inappropriate, as your description tells.

  8. Ole Says:

    Uhm, the mess in the bg of the Aol. logo aint the main logo. Just Aol. is the main logo, as far as I´ve understood.

  9. fandi Says:

    Ok, this is something. Changing a recognized logo should take place only if a brand is going for a change (management structure or something). In my opinion, the change applied maybe for a while, for a certain time frame to “test” their “target” market in (whatever market that is).

  10. Custom Logo Design Says:

    yup joe is rite about AOL, I like all the new logos.

  11. Twitted by balusen Says:

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  12. TheAL Says:

    The new colors on the quicktime logo are fantastic!

  13. meowmeow Says:

    Thanks for this post. I am a high school student and it was really helpful to see good and bad logo redesigns. I think Quick Time, aga, and chicken now had the best redesigns.

  14. Brad Says:

    I like the Fort Worth Museum change the best, and the AOL and Kraft Foods changes the least. Not too impressed by the new Melbourne logo – it is already dated and could have been better…but then again it was designed in Sydney!

  15. Lynette Says:

    The AOL design reflects their company, hard to figure out exactly what it’s doing & very messy.

  16. Jazzikins Says:

    Ok, first thought is, “WHAT THE HECK WAS AOL THINKING?!”

    Then I read the comments about it, and I feel better now. Actually, now that I think of it, I remember seeing the new AOL logo. Where did that messy thing come from then?

    But as far as the other’s go, seems like people are leaning more towards simpler logos. That’s good, those are the logo’s I like. Try and get your message across in the simplest way possible. It shows more creativity and thought.

  17. Jazzikins Says:

    Sorry for this second comment. lol. But I went back and looked at them again. The Jack In The Box logo makes me read the name in a weird way. Does it do that to anyone else? Kinda like James Bond or something.

    JACK…………………………………………… the box.

    I don’t think that’s what they were going for. But the focal point is on “Jack” and then “in the Box” seems to be an after thought.

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  19. cweese Says:

    Number 21: the new logo is of course much cleaner, but there is something awesomely cheesy about the old Fort Worth Museum of History & Science logo…

    Number 34: the new Quicktime logo looks like something from Doctor Evil’s lair. I don’t think it’s an improvement.

  20. designfollow Says:


    thank you.

  21. Jade Says:

    Better: PS3, Veggietales, Videocon, Bavaria, Yale, MSN

    Worse: Mastercard, Jack in the Box, Oakland Museum

    I also agree with cweese: Quicktime logo is not an improvement. Their icon was so recognizable, and the new one is too much of a diversion for the switch to be intuitive. Purple is reserved for royalty and evil villains.

    And is it just me, or does Kraft Foods seem to change their logo every year?!


  22. LukeSF Says:

    Mastercard turned from the most recognizable brand image into an abstract web2.0ish logo with no personality… I really don’t like it… Same way, as AOL and to some extend Quicktime and Nickelodeon… Took a while to get accustomed to new icons on my monitor and TV…

  23. Slobodan Kustrimovic Says:

    Some of them ware better before…

    For example AOL, what kind of a logo is that???

    The Sprite logo seems like it came out of a logo for a PlayStation One game.

  24. Ted Says:

    What happened to the new logos from Pepsi? I have them on my site at but where are they here? That’s a HUGE logos change!

  25. Shamima Sultana Says:

    I agree with Slobodan Kustrimovic …Some of them ware better before like the previous pak of lays was better…

  26. Mike Says:

    While the inverted ‘a’ is cool in the aga logo, it reads “asa” to me on a cursory glance.

    Mastercard could have done a much better update. Why is the new circle off-center?

    And France should have kept the old one, maybe added the “rendezvous en” at the top of the logo.

  27. Jason Schwartz Says:

    Great roundup Nora!

    I LOVE the City of Melbourne redesign. When viewed in a list, it’s very clear to see which of these work and which don’t.

    IE Still scratching my head on the Aol. redesign.

  28. Robert G Boulay Says:

    Re: No.4 Lays: This is more of a package redesign.

    Re: No.20 MasterCard: You’re confusing between the Brand Mark (left) and Corporate Signature (right), both in co-existence.

  29. connie Says:

    For most of them, i really like the old version.

  30. Web Design Maidstone Says:

    some nice examples and clear to see most are a gradual evolution

  31. Damir Says:

    Yeah I also agree with Slobodan, almost half of them are a downgrade rather than an upgrade. What’s with the Yale ‘logo’? – 0 creativity

  32. Nathan J. Brauer Says:

    Veggie Tales!! That made me happy to see on here :)

    Regarding the Mastercard logo: I don’t think that it’s a replacement. I think it is its new *global* identity (hence the third “O”). So on a local standpoint, it’s still the same logo, but when you’re dealing globally, it’s this new logo. I think the logo is awesome for that purpose. It has so much implicit meaning.

  33. Calvin Tennant Says:

    Most of these are worse.
    I think you missed pepsi, speaking of worse.

  34. siddharth Says:

    how could you forget pepsi???!

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  36. Creative ideas Says:

    Some of logo redesigns are beautiful

  37. Nicolas Says:

    Kodak also recently did a minor revamp to their logo.

  38. Jokkee Says:

    Omg.. Sprite logo looks like a 9 year old kid has done it.. WHO DID APPROVE THAT LOGO?! ARE THEY CRAZY? It’s 2009!

  39. mike Says:

    Should probably be noted that the AOL logo is not necessarily this “mess,” the wordmark is the logo and can be placed over pretty much anything. not sure the black squiggly was the best choice.

  40. Sarah Says:

    I can’t believe Nickelodeon got rid of their awesome identity from AdamsMorioka. Meanwhile, I don’t like half of the redesigns. It’s been kind of a phenomenon, I think, with so many redesigns going on when the global economy is doing so poorly. I would think that brands would be more conservative and work with the brand equity they’ve already earned, but many have done totally new looks and thrown all that away. When the economy is so unstable, I think consumers look for stability in familiar brands. All in all, I think this year has been a poor one for identity design.

  41. Logo Search Says:

    Some of the changes are huge improvements, while others like Nickleodean I would have stuck with the well known “splash” may be just add some depth to it. I like the update in the very first one. I don’t like Sony Ericcson’s new logo at all, I like the single orb instead.

  42. lucas Says:

    AOL new design suckz.

  43. Oisin Says:

    This Mastercard logo has been blogged about as early as 2006 — it is a disaster of a redesign which I imagine is why it has not been widely adopted (and is not even currently used on firefox)

    The Quicktime redesign (for Quicktime X) appears to be using a blue background as apposed to the purple displayed here.

    @Colin Bunston: The point of the Firefox “redesign” was not so much to change it but just to continue its evolution

  44. Says:

    A nice collection. I like so much msn, moviestar, spite, but I don’t understand logo like AOL.. is difficult tot read.

  45. Michael Says:

    To settle this once and for all: he left out Pepsi because this is a list of 2009 changes, and the Pepsi logo changed in 2008. Same with Walmart.

  46. Michael Says:

    Sorry, that should be “she.” I didn’t read the author’s name the first time!

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  49. Professional Web Design Says:

    All cool redesign logo very nice

  50. Aleksandar Says:

    Great job. I love this. Thanks.

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  52. wien Says:

    nice post, thanks

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  56. Custom Logo Design Says:

    These logos are really wonderfull then the previous one.

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  58. Lalith Says:

    Difference made Diffenrence…gr8

  59. Kyle Says:

    The logo you cited as “Yale” as actually the logo for the Yale University Press. They replaced a Paul Rand-designed logo with “Yale” written in the official university typeface by Matthew Carter (of Verdana and Georgia fame), as part of an effort to integrate the campus brand (all signs on campus are now in this font). I personally think it’s a mistake, the old logo had character, the new one is sort of bland.

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  61. smart logo Says:

    i never notice that too companies choose to redesign their logo.

    I love the redesign of “opera”,” master card”

  62. Laurent Jouvin Says:

    Redesigning a logo is very challenging. All of the logos listed above did a pretty good job in keeping their image and their identity.
    I tend to disagree with Kyle from above. The old Yale logo looks too old fashioned and amateurish. This style of design is no longer in practice and they needed to change. But I agree that the new logo is a little weak.

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  64. Luke Southwell Says:

    Great logo designs. I like some of the revisions done, some I prefer the the old logo designs. But nonetheless those company logos have great impact to the customers.
    Great post by the way. Keep it up!

  65. David Says:

    Such a great blog!!!

  66. Miranda Newark Says:

    Gute Site! Der Artikel ist interessant. Danke dafuer.

  67. Drew Says:

    I guess it makes sense to change the Nickelodeon logo. No need keeping the old logo that heralded so many great cartoons back in the day with all the horrible new stuff they’ve been cranking out.

    Like everyone else: What the hell was AOL thinking? And the Oakland Museum logo is just plain horrendous, as well. It reminds me of Animal Planet’s horrible new design.

  68. trialabs Says:

    nice roundup of logos dude…thanks.

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  73. Web Redesign Says:

    I liked the redesigned logos for Jack in the Box, France, Cadillac, Discovery Kids
    and Audi.

    Thanks for sharing this useful resource.

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