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BP logo to Rest in Peace – Awaiting a redesign!!

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Written By: Nora Reed

After the recent oil spill disaster by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, their logo design has been under immense attack by the activist group, Greenpeace UK. They want to portray the real image of BP with a mock redesign of BP’s corporate logo and for that they have called for a helping hand in logo design. While the Oil giant is constantly trying to clean up the massive mess, the logo design contest at Greenpeace website is in full flow with designers from all over the globe participating.


The BP Logo transformation – How will it end?


BP’s first corporate logo was the classic “shield logo”. It was designed by the famous logo designer Raymond Loewy. It was used by BP in its corporate branding from 1979 to 2000 and still in use in a small number of petrol stations.

The BP shield logo was later amended into a fairly lighter shade. This was done to adjust the company image to a more “greener” approach. Moreover, the logo was given a cleaner look with a yellow border around the shield. This design lasted until late 2000.

The current logo used by BP is designed by Landor. It was in 2000 when the famous brand name change from “BP Amoco” to “BP” took place with a new slogan “Beyond Petroleum”. The present BP logo contains a green and yellow sunflower pattern similar to the Green Party of Canada emblem.

The BP logo redesign Flickr set:

The contest at Greenpeace website is in full flow as more than 970 logos have been amassed on its Flickr set. The entries contain contributions from logo designers as well as the general public. Some logos are sublime while most are ridiculous to say the least.


The First Weekly Winner: 


The first weekly winner has been announced by Greenpeace UK. Ken Cool was adjudged the winner of this week’s “BP logo redesign”. His concept comprised the BP logo submerged in oil and water with a dying fish.


The BP Logo Rest in Peace:

It seems that the present BP corporate logo is heading for a major downfall. With the intensity of the contest at Greenpeace, BP logo has joined the list of famous logo design controversies. The oil giant will have to take strong and concrete measures if it wishes to salvage its much tarnished corporate image. With a final deadline looming over BP’s head to clean up its mess, it must act promptly and prudently. Otherwise the current BP logo may eventually rest in peace.


13 Responses to “BP logo to Rest in Peace – Awaiting a redesign!!”

  1. Logo Search Says:

    Its really ironic that BP’s initial logo design was suppose to conjure thoughts of green/clean energy and what is happening now. They are responsible for how tarnished their brand has become and it is unlikly they will be able to recover a green image.

  2. Shekhar Sahu Says:

    Oh with removal of shield they removed security.

  3. jessica Says:

    That’s one sad, sad dying fish, but a great representation of what the company now stands for in everyone’s mind.

  4. CJ Says:

    I Never understood their latest logo, it just looked foreign to me. What does a flower have to do with oil? Or was that the point, to look natural? At any rate if they are smart they will lay low and hold on to the old logo for a while. Then, once they have made some headway they should come out with a new logo and rebrand themselves. They are “to big to fail” so they aren’t going anywhere.

  5. Rohit Says:

    i am also work in the field of designing. i never understood this logo. i am work in web designing, logos.

  6. Stalmaster Design Says:

    Great work by Ken Cool…his logo appropriately describes the BP firm.

    @CJ… it’s all in building image, that is the reason they used a green logo from the start to picture themselves as an environment friendly firm, the flower adding to the cause. But they have failed in keeping that image haven’t they?

  7. Dion Cartmell Says:

    This whole issue with BP is idiocy. The total amount of petroleum spilling into the Gulf of Mexico rose by 1000s of drums Wednesday right after an underwater robot seemingly struck the containment cap that has been catching oil from BP’s Macondo well. I question how much desolation this whole incident is going to cost the sea when it’s all said and done

  8. Kasandra Holdings Says:

    oh my…BP is in real trouble after that disastrous oil spill they had…but greenpeace is never too slow in criticizing any company even if its as large as British Petroleum… the logo redesign is a real mockery and should give BP a warning to clean up its wrong doings.

  9. Penelope Watson Says:

    hahaha…is it really turning that bad for BP? what im saying is that why is the logo being ridiculed when the company is at fault for the oil disaster? i hav really admired the BP helios logo as i think its quite perfect and very catchy.
    “The BP Logo Rest in Peace” was a good joke@ :-D

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  11. James Says:

    The oil spill is nothing to laugh at but I just saw a kid wearing a t-shirt that cracked me up. BP – We’re bring oil to America’s shores. I died laughing because BP’s billion dollar image change to their new sunflower logo is forever going to be associated with the worst environmental disaster to strike America.

  12. tips for success Says:

    Great post but I really hope that BP could resolve the issue soon.

  13. Social Media: Companies Toughest Critic « Melinda Boisjolie's Blog Says:

    […] An interesting creative outlet for those upset by BP’s action are encouraged to “rebrand” BP by creating a new logo.  Greenpeace is holding the contest in which anybody can submit their new truthful depiction of the company through Flickr.  The contest ends at the end of the month, and soon people will associate BP’s brand with dead wildlife and ruined ecosystems; may the BP logo rest in peace. […]

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