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No We Can’t: No Hope For Obama’s Hopefull Logo

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Written By: Nora Reed

Some blog posts get a lot of views and a lot of comments, and then there are others that don’t. I got to thinking, what makes a blog post popular, or in some cases, not?, It seems that most posts that deal with current events or topics that people feel strongly about get the most hype. Since I am still a new writer on staff here, I decided to check out some of our older posts that were written by, Kevin. Turns out, his recent post about Barack Obama’s logo about Obama and the new Pepsi logo seemed to receive a lot of comments and mostly from people who disagreed.

I think that a strong opinion is great and isn’t that why blogs exist? Everyone wants to express themselves and no one should be denied their opinion. I thought I would follow up on that blog post and write an opinion of my own. As we all know, the economy is just plain awful right now and we are all suffering in some way, however President Obama inherited this mess along with countless others. It’s hard to ignore the fact that is has been over 35 days since his inauguration and things seem to be getting worse. The stock market dropped again recently, roughly 834.31 points within the last month, resulting in a roller coaster of ups and downs since the year started and even before. No one knows where to make investments and a daunting credit freeze has paralyzed the world economy. Obama’s stimulus plan is another attempt to fix things, but how can it fix anything in the long term when all it is doing is bringing down the value of the dollar by printing more money and driving up the threat of inflation. According to US News and World Report, the plan will ultimately cost 3.3 trillion dollars, only bringing the country further into debt. It’s obvious that changes are being attempted but are they really intelligent or effective changes? So far, the public is still unhappy. According to Fox New polls (I know, I know) Recent polls show that Obama’s approval rating has dropped 5 points in the past 3 weeks. We know that changes are not going to happen overnight, but where is all the hope and optimism the nation felt in the weeks following the election? It seems these concepts have given way to frustration. Are the American people starting to lose hope in our new president?

So after the political update, let’s get back to the point. This is Logo Blog and here we discuss logos, no matter what form or situation they may be involved in. Logos are everywhere and we love them, so let’s take a closer look at the logo surrounding the politics of our country. As Kevin posted before, the Obama logo is an iconic design both among graphic artists and most Obama supporters. It implies a flag-like path leading to hope and happiness and a rising “O” in the dawn of a change filled horizon. Since we are in the early days of the Obama administration and in the heart of a recession, does that path still mean the same thing? Have the people turned their back on this originally hopeful design? I don’t think anyone has yet, but there sure is possibility.

How might a revised version of the Obama logo look to reflect these uncertain times? Designers, let’s see what you think. Has anyone seen a less optimistic version of the Obama logo? Would you be willing to go as far as to create your own? What are your opinions on this topic? Share it with Logo Blog Time to speak up designers! Let’s get a discussion going!

9 Responses to “No We Can’t: No Hope For Obama’s Hopefull Logo”

  1. avoidz Says:

    The world’s economies are falling apart, workers are losing jobs left, righ and center, and we’re concerned about the supposed similarity between the Obama logo and Pepsi? Seriously?

    (And it looks nothing like the Pepsi one.)

  2. Nora Reed Says:

    This is Logo Blog, we talk about logos, logo concepts, and logo companies. Logo Blog does not exsist in a bubble. Since both the President and economic issues are high on the list of conversation topics, I thought that we could mix that in with our logo discussion and get some opinions out on the table. The things we are forced to deal with right now are terrible and my heart goes out to those suffering, hence the reason for my post. Let’s do the only thing we can and bring some light to a dismal topic. Please throw your opinion out there and we can really have a good discussion. Logo Blog might not be able to solve such momentous problems, but exists to provide an open and fun forum for discussion.

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  4. P Bartlett Says:

    I think it’s quite valid to compare the Obama and Pepsi logo. You may pick up on an entirely new evolutionary branch of logo design like the AT@T logo began in the 1980′s. The whole “sliced sphere” look started then and launched a fleet of imitators. Of course now AT@T has gone off into a parody of their old ID, but they were an innovator at the time.

  5. Anthony Says:

    Hmm… coincidence or copy?

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  8. Club Penguin Cheats Says:

    Not personally a big Obama fan.

  9. Sonia Trevor Says:

    Well, there are times that logos are not been unique especially nowadays there are lots of design come up and usually designers of logo have to look for concept from other design, so that they can made something unique. There are lot of coincidence happen when it comes to design of a logo.

    The Hopeful Logo of Obama is good but there’s something missing in the mixture of colors I think.

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