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New York to Iconic Logo: Drop Dead

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Written By: Nora Reed

You’ve seen it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, billboards, and basically all over the world. The city that never sleeps has owned one of the world’s most recognizable logo design for years. However, many have always believed that the I Love NY logo always represented just the small corner of NY that is New York City. No more. New York has just paid over 17 million dollars to change that.

The redesigned I Love NY logo is pictured below:

See the 17 million dollar change? Aw come on you know you do. A little grass here, maybe some wild life in there too?

While I was just joking, you can clearly see the difference when placed so close to each other. In an attempt to reach out to the rest of New York State rather than just its one famed city(Albany) the logo redesign has added some more rural aspects. Even though there are plenty of squirrels and butterflies in NY City during the summer, I applaud the effort.

Here are a couple impostors who we might be seeing some squirrels and butterflies on soon. Probably not for 17 million dollars though.

And the even more curious:

Even Belfast got in on the action What are your thoughts about New York altering the
I Love New York logo, and other cities ripping it off?

6 Responses to “New York to Iconic Logo: Drop Dead”

  1. avoidz Says:

    Prefer the older I Love NY logo myself.

  2. wittejoe Says:

    hysterical! I can’t believe these companies pay someone MILLIONS of dollars for that logo. They squirrel is classic. NUTS!

  3. Graphics4u Says:

    My vote goes for the older one…I am sure a squirrel and a butterfly cannot do much to portray the real “New York”….paying millions of dollars for such a job is awful.

  4. Dargason Says:

    17 million bucks to slap some cheap MS Office clipart onto the existing logo? I’m in the wrong business!

  5. Donald Rush Says:

    Is this some kind of a sick joke? Are you kidding me? Please tell me you through this together last night just to give me a laugh.

  6. kelly Says:

    My fix would be add an “s” to is.. simple.. I heart NYS

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