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Microsoft 2011 Logos Controversy – Real or Fake?

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Written By: Nora Reed
Microsoft, in a latest series of development, has got caught up in a logo design controversy on the blogosphere. The mystery developed when a video leaked on YouTube from the Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) conference presumably presenting Microsoft 2011 brand logos. While the original video cannot be accessed after being pulled down, some snippets are still available that reveal new conceptual logos for Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Bing and Office.

The Real Upcoming Slogan – Be What’s Next!

Apparently, the real purpose of the conference was to unveil a new slogan to go with the Microsoft logo. This was the only part of the video that the Redmond Company confirmed. Microsoft will be getting a new motto to go along with its logo design. According to the software giant the new tagline is “Be What’s Next.”  Users should expect to see this motto on Microsoft products in the near future.


New Brand Logos or Concepts?

A few months back confusion caused Apple logo design folly to surface. This video does the same for Microsoft. It shows a fast moving sequence of morphing logos, shifting from Windows logo, to Windows Phone logo, Xbox logo, Bing logo, and finally the Office logo. While Microsoft clarified that the designs shown in the MGX were merely illustrating the “flexibility” of the software giant’s brands.

Following images are quiet blur, as these are the snippets sliced from the available videos, picked them from so you could have a quick look for each of the brand logos concept.

Windows Logo Design Concept:


Windows Phone Logo Design Concept:


XBOX Logo Design Concept:


Bing Logo Design Concept:


MS Office Logo Design Concept:


Question of the Post?

Regardless of the confusion, I find the concept of flexibility of Microsoft’s logo morphing into their product logos, quite creative. Do you think that these concept logos should be implemented in reality?


22 Responses to “Microsoft 2011 Logos Controversy – Real or Fake?”

  1. suraj Says:

    Now its looking interesting! Change is always good!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Personally, I find the new logos or concepts fantastic! I love them and agree that they are quite creative indeed.

    If they are implemented, it would be a positive step in getting on this designer’s good side.

  3. Nick Says:

    I think the Windows logo needs a little bit more in it. Idk its just me

  4. Feroze Says:

    If just their software was as smooth and sexy….

  5. 1 Dollar Logo Seller Says:

    i think the windows logo needs a little bit more in it. i would like its also.

  6. 1 Dollar Logo Seller Says:

    i think the windows logo needs a little bit more in it. i would like its also.ok

  7. Logo Search Says:

    II agree with Nick, the designs need to have more dimension they are very flat looking.

  8. Travis Says:

    That’s not a new logo, it’s a new tagline.

  9. Alberto Says:

    Totally agreed with Feroze :)

  10. logo design Says:

    I’m not really sure I like these; they’ve clearly gone for sleek, sexy and modern – probably an attempt to appear more current in the face of their competition on all fronts from Google, Sony, Apple, etc.

    It’s the shadows I don’t like, they make the whole thing seem a little flimsy. And the Windows and Windows phone logos seem far too minimal.

    The new tag line isn’t bad though, and out of all of these I think the Office logo looks best.

  11. Printing Cork Says:

    I liked new design. Its good to change periodically.

  12. What Makes a Winning Logo for Your Business? | Garious Blog Says:

    [...] read a rumor on the Web that Microsoft will be giving its logo a major overhaul. Another gossip in Silicon [...]

  13. Steve Says:

    for some reason this doesn’t quiet look right. Miscrosoft style. It might be one of the concept but it can’t be the final one.

  14. David Says:

    I think the windows logo needs a redesign.

  15. Will Says:

    I think the XBox logo is a bit busy, but overall, not bad!

  16. Leslie Waugh Says:

    i think the change is good. much lighter and more approachable. On the other hand I think the open window may be a little lost in translation but I like the morphing idea.

  17. Henrypeter Says:

    The change is good but windows logo is very simple so it need redesign…But i think its no a final logos

  18. Dawinchi - Logo Pro Says:

    I agree, the windows logo is very simple! but I like the Bing logo

  19. alishba Says:

    The change is good but windows logo is very simple I liked new design

  20. Joel Skotak Says:

    I think they did a great job morphing their logo into something that is refreshing and new. Very creative, and it does a good job of tying all of the different branches together.

  21. Chicago Marketing Company Says:

    For Microsoft to come up with a design concept that so flexible and fresh is amazing to me. I’d expect this sort of thing from Apple. As for the logos themselves, I do like them very much. Great post!

  22. jack Says:

    i think the windows logo needs a little bit more in it. i would like its also.

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