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LogoBlog Poll 21- Best Rock Band Logo

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Written By: Nora Reed

So you people finally decided whose logo design is the “heaviest” among rock bands.

Guns N’ Roses: Bad Boys has a good logo (20 votes)

When the lead singer of the band is Axl Rose and Slash is playing a trick on the strings of guitar, you’re lucky that you are even listening to it… Did you ever know who designed their logo? The Gus N’ Roses logo is the sweet child o’ Slash.

Slash. In my eyes, you are a super-genius artist. Your solos and logos still pack the power that makes you “Guitar God” in the first place…

Linkin Park: What they have done! (17 votes)

Linkin Park are the undisputed king of Nu Metal. Their logo is one of the most influential logos in the history of rock bands. Linkin Park logo, written in a stylish font and blended in a highly artistic way, is a real beauty.

My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade is “Alive” and selling (9 votes)

Okay Gerard Way. I won’t say you “emo” anymore. You’re a real punk talent and your logo design is just awesome; cleverly fostering “famous last words” in a “wavy” manner.

Evanescence: Amy brings me to Life (8 votes)

Miss Amy Lee. Honestly, I love your angelic voice and gothic style but where are Ben Moody and Will Boyd? These two persons were the identity of your band! Weren’t they? I really adore the Evanescence font and logo design. Anyways, best of luck for “The Open Door”.

Foo Fighters: Keep on fighting (5 votes)

Keep on fighting Mr. Grohl. We don’t have anything for you, but 5 votes… :P

9 Responses to “LogoBlog Poll 21- Best Rock Band Logo”

  1. Roberta Seldon Says:

    The Linkin Park logo is my favorite.

  2. Daniel Campos Says:

    hahahaha.. cool!

  3. gregmac666 Says:

    Can’t believe that there’s no Iron Maiden there. That logo helps shift millions of dollars / pounds in merch every year. It a part of the experience.

    How can that LP logo be influential if it’s only been around for a couple of years?

  4. Christopher Harris Says:

    Dear Greg. This blog post is about “Modern” rock band logos, I think. That is why, rock bands, even famous logos like Beatles, Queen and ACDC are not listed. Anyways. I must say the writer wrote it very well. I like the part:
    “The Gus N’ Roses logo is the sweet child o’ Slash”
    “So you people finally decided whose logo design is the “heaviest” among rock bands”.

  5. ab Says:

    linkin park is professional logo. the others are obviously amateur. but then again, suggests that linkin park is a brainchild of a marketing guru–rather than the product of a basement

  6. m4nti Says:

    ab… are you calling the guns n roses logo ‘amateur’ ? :S

  7. meanz Says:

    Um…if gnr is considered modern, then Maiden need to be in there. They debuted 6 years after maiden.

    Also Metallica not being on the list is a joke.

  8. U2 Says:

    Guns N’ Roses LOGO is so unique among the others .. Genius LOGO Design and BAd BOys among the rest ha ha ha.. GUN’S AND ROSES THE HEAVIEST LOGO FOREVER!

  9. cj anin Says:

    guns n roses logo is the best

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