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30 Logos with movement – Success in progress!!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Remember the all-time famous “Adidas” logo design? Ever wondered what it symbolizes? The three-parallel-striped designed in the shape of a mountain demonstrates the goals and challenges that Adidas strives to accomplish. It is a true sign of progress.

Showing motion in sequential steps is one of the many logo design trends that prevail in the industry. The logo designs displaying movement help defining the concept of growth and continuous progress of a company. The sign of movement in a logo design signifies that your business is versatile and capable of performing dynamically.

Following are some of the most brilliant logo designs that have used the sequential design bearing a sign of progress and development.




Klopfer Holzhandel


Brand Stack


North Colour


Cobra Cube


Andy Fiord Studio


Darien Library


Youth Forum




Share Effect


One Constructions


Thirteen Current




Sort Folio


Vivid Ways


Boss hog Studio




Bananas Films


Action Now!


Brite Click


Good Waves


Elastic Digital






World Moto








Hummin Print


Collective Feedback

Have a look at these logo designs that are in continuous movement.
Do you think such innovative concepts in logo designing contribute a unique, progressive and modern impression to a company? If you have any other logos design ideas in knowledge that can help a company build an exceptional image, do share with us.

15 Responses to “30 Logos with movement – Success in progress!!”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’ve never seen that “Fly” logo before. Looks great.

  2. Logo Bliss Says:

    I really like – Pangur, nice use of color !

  3. Logo Search Says:

    Very interesting designs. I personally like the static designs that imply movement rather than the “actual” animations.

  4. Website Design Gloucestershire Says:

    Definitely the type of design I would like to emulate and aspire to!

    Many thanks for posting these logos, very inspirational!


  5. Léo Says:

    The Elastic Digital one does it for me. Amazing depth perception and color use. All are amazing I must say. Thank you for this. Greetings, Léo.

  6. Logo Design Monster Says:

    The Pangur logo is beautiful. I have not seen this logo before, very nice. Really great collection of logos. Thank you very much for sharing. Excellent post.

  7. Logó Tervezés Says:

    Great collection of logos. I really like the movement. Thanks!

  8. logoziner Says:

    good collection! very nice!

  9. logojin Says:

    no doubt logos play essential role in branding and these kind of innovative logo designing specially logo designs that are in continuous movement make a very good impression of your business. nice collection

  10. Laurent Jouvin Says:

    I love those! If I may, I’ll take this opportunity to submit/add one to the list. It’s actually the logo for my business. It certainly belongs to this category:

  11. Creative Design Studio Says:

    I had never seen this amazing Creative collection so far. I loved to bookmark this page for inspiration and to see the world is continue moving around us. Thank for sharing lovely logos design.

  12. Says:


  13. Max Says:

    Really awesome indeed!

  14. The Promotional Blog - Kyle Smith Says:

    ALL Log’s have one mutual thing in common. Is anyone prepared to take a wild guess before I share? Well here is the secret. All of these companies with great logo’s and excellent designs have PRODUCTS to place this logo onto. The options are endless! Consider Promotional Items for your business. Food for thought…

  15. Attitude Design | Graphic Design Portfolio Says:

    Nice selection – I like the Jump logo – very clever!

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