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Street beggars and logo design – A source of success!

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Written By: Nora Reed

A few months back, I discussed whether a successful logo designer is talented or taught. We came to a conclusion that it is a blend of both qualities because creating a logo design requires both knowledge and creativity. The learning process complements the inner talent of a designer. The eminence of being human is that we constantly learn from one another. Right from the cradle to the grave, we continually learn from our surroundings. And it really doesn’t hurt to learn from someone who is considered to be relegated in society.

Rich habits that logo designers can learn from the beggars!

Yes…the impecunious and shelter less people roaming on the streets, commonly known as beggars are a great source of motivation and inspiration for logo designers. Sounds funny doesn’t it? But let us look at how it is helpful for logo designers.

Street beggars are found in almost every country. Although you might not get to learn about logo design trends from beggars, or they may not have terrific logo design ideas, but it is the one shrewd group who knows to make the most of every situation.


1. Explore new opportunities:

The biggest trait about street beggars is that they explore each and every possible opportunity to make their ends meet. You might be familiar of the sight of a shabby old man scavenging through a pile of garbage, looking for something to satisfy his appetite with. Logo designers must also explore different areas and must employ new ways to find more clients. One must always remember, things don’t always arrive on a silver plate. One has to make efforts to discover what he desires. 1.	Explore new opportunities

2. Confident about your skills:

1.	Explore new opportunities

You might notice that street beggars are an audacious lot. They don’t seem to have any embarrassment in beggary. On the contrary, they are confident with what they do. Moreover, you will see many beggars who show their extra-curricular skills by playing the guitar or drums. Now that is the key through which anyone can succeed. Logo designers need to be confident about their inner skills and must not hesitate in using them in practice. The thing that impresses clients the most is the level of confidence that a designer has in his work. So find that special skill and do not refrain in utilizing it as and when required.

3. Nothing is useless:

One of the best of habits that we can adopt from beggars is that they make use of everything and anything. You might have observed some alm seekers on custom-made wheelchairs or props that they make entirely out of nothing. They use anything they can find from the junkyard to devise their object of comfort. Logo designers should learn from this habit that “nothing is useless” in the field of logo designing. One must consider all possible measures while creating a logo design.

1.	Explore new opportunities

4. Put in all your energy:

1.	Explore new opportunities

Another quality to admire about beggars is the amount of hard work they put into their lives. It is a reality that pain is only realized in distress. A pauper is well versed with the pains and agonies of life, so they strive hard either to earn some dough or to collect alms. They roam around in the scorching heat to find whatever they can, making a quick buck scrubbing car windshields and other miscellaneous stuff. A recent study showed that an average beggar earns more than a bourgeoisie individual. Logo designers alike should always keep in mind that rewards are preceded by hard work.

5. Never quit easily:

You might have come across beggars who persistently ask for alms until you don’t give them. That is the thing with beggars…they never give up. This reminds me of the oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”, portraing a nice message of trying until you don’t succeed. Logo designers must also refrain from saying NO to any challeneg they encounter. Many a times they are faced with clients that are difficult to convince. The key here is persuasion. In order to convince your clients on your viewpoint, incessant persuasion is needed. 1.	Explore new opportunities

6. Be happy about what you do:

1.	Explore new opportunities Although little, but beggars remain content with whatever they get. Even if they receive a dime, they are grateful for it. Now don’t get me wrong here. I do not mean in any way to settle for whatever the client is offering. But the satisfaction should be dependent on the quality of work rather than the money attached to it. This doesn’t imply that you work pro-bono, but the on-job satisfaction is more important than the remuneration.
Logo designing is a growing field and for designers to penetrate into it requires leaving no stone unturned.

4 Responses to “Street beggars and logo design – A source of success!”

  1. Logo Search Says:

    This is really – rather interesting look at deisgning ;-) I have to say I think it takes both nature and nurture for all of us to evolve into who/what we do. You cannot have one without the other.

  2. Shekhar Sahu Says:

    Nice thoughts, I needed some tips.

  3. Sarah Michelle Says:

    Well written dear…i agree that everyone in this world is worthy of inspiration be it a street beggar. Being a logo designer, inspiration is always helpful and the source really doesn’t matter.

    Another thing we can learn from street beggars is the absolute resolve of making their ends meet…!

  4. Zehn Katzen Says:

    street beggars and logo design? what kinds of a title is this? i thought it might contain ways through which we can learn logo design stuff from street beggars…however, after reading your post i think the title shud hav been “Lessons that logo designers can learn from street beggars” or somewhat similar..

    just a friendly thought,nothing personal…the concept of the post was intriguing i must admit….its amazing how one can learn even from beggars

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