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Hotel Logos

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Written By: Nora Reed

A Hotel provides its customers with comfort, leisure activities and excellent services to make them enjoy their business trip or vacations while still feeling at home. Nevertheless, hotel logos are a key element for hotels to inflict an overwhelming impression on their clientèle as it boosts their publicity and help them generate big profits.

Hotel Logos

Elements of hotel logos:

Hotel logos depict hotels as dependable corporations. These logos enforce the impression that the hotel they represent are the ultimate providers of the best hospitality services. Following are some significant features of the hotel logos that successfully accomplish the desired goals of the business:

Style of hotel logos:

The style and shape usually acquired by hotel logos is simple and elementary. Hotel logos must portray elegance and grace, which are the attributes of the hotel industry. Furthermore, hotel logos should encompass the element of hospitality in them to reflect the values of the business. Mostly, hotel logos have their title/name presented in a simple yet stylish manner, justifying the above-mentioned qualities. In some rare cases, a diverse look identifies the location, heritage or the amenities provided at the hotel, like the Taj Hotels logo has a cultural look, while the logos of the MGM Grand Hotel and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain speak of grandeur and their magnificent size.

Color of hotel logos:

To make an impact on the viewer, colors of the hotel logo have to be selected very carefully. The colors mainly used for hotel logos are either dark or bright, giving a very peaceful impression. Red, yellow, black and several tones of blue are usually used in hotel logos. These colors in the hotel logos represent the sophistication and refinement of the hotels and at the same time, give a character to the image of the logo. In most of the hotel logos, a single color is used throughout the design.

Font of hotel logos:

Apparently, fonts display the information about the company. For hotel logos, elegant fonts are mainly used that can clearly define the hotel itself. Fonts in hotel logos can range from exquisite and modern letterings to traditional typefaces.

With so many hotels mushrooming in nearly all major countries and cities of the world due to an increase in tourism, each hotel, in its true sense, must focus in providing hospitality services to its customers with a distinctive identity. And what better way there is to depict this element of warmth than to show it through your hotel logo.

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