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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Cake Shop Logos!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Who doesn’t enjoy some sweet treats? Cakes especially are a popular dessert that we use for so many special occasions and sometimes, just for no reason at all. It’s even fun to watch a cake go from batter to masterpiece, which is why we  have so many television shows based on cake baking. The food network especially is filled with interesting cake based shows that apparently do pretty well in ratings. Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth once in a while, so to create a good logo for a cake shop, the key is to play on that sweet tooth and show how appealing sweets can be.

The Cake Shop Logo

I like to show this one first, because I think it’s great. The Cake Shop logo has a well done design that is very appealing to the eye. The curly lettering makes the design appear both professional and fun. The emblem to the left shows an elegant, almost gift like cake and the black background brings some formality to it. This cake shop seems like a place where one would shop for their wedding cake.

Piece of Cake Cake Shop Logo

Piece of Cake also has an elegant look with the roses, which add a lot of color to an otherwise monotone piece. Although, I don’t think I really like the way the cake is toppling over at the top. It implies that a real cake from them may do so as well. That’s something I know I would like to avoid.

Cheesy Affairs Cheesecake Shop Logo

Simple and does the trick. As a cheesecake shop, Cheesy Affairs displays a cheesecake slice within the logo and a golden brown color, which is usually associated with cheesecake.

Sweet P's Cupcakes

Jaime's Cake Shop Logo

I can see where this one is going, but frankly, I think it is quite boring. three stacked rectangles may imply a cake, but the design is too plain and simple and looks to me like a first draft of a logo that has yet to be finished. The lettering works well, but the attempt on the cake needs a total redesign.

Adam's Cake Shop Logo

The same goes for Adam’s Cake Shop. This logo looks like it is still in the working process. The logo lacks color and personality and the drawing of the man is not proportioned correctly. It looks like his arm is awkwardly emerging from his side. His shoulder looks like it’s dislocated.

Cake Logo

This last one may not be for a cake shop, but if applied to a name, it certainly would work for one. It’s simple and looks appetizing, although some color would help.

A logo really does help sell a business. These shops would not be nearly as appealing without their logos to help jump start one’s appetite for sweets. Now I am getting hungry and think I might take up baking as a hobby.

-Nora Reed

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  1. Logo Search Says:

    I too like the “cake shops” logo the best!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    That is so cool! What a wedding cake! Very nice.

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