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30 Fresh Logos to give you a helping hand in Logo Design

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Written By: Nora Reed

It is often said that behind every innovative logo design, lies a creative hand. But what if the hand lies within the logo design? Funny as it may sound but employing a hand design in a logo is a very profound technique.

We all are familiar with sign language and hand gestures. The hand can portray the symbol of victory,  friendship, love, hatred, synergy and numerous other ways. One cannot even imagine the myriad ways in which a simple hand can be twisted and turned to deliver a clever and emotional logo design.

Following are 30 inspirational logo designs that cleverly incorporate a hand in them.


Handmade Pictures








Handmade cafe


Make A Shot








Share Effect


Golden Friends


Oklahoma Museum Network


Helping Hands


Sign Up




Fair Trade Growers


Sauerzweig Automobile










hogar de niños


Fernando’s Landscaping


Williamson Pottery


St. Francis Hospital


Hands Across America

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4 Responses to “30 Fresh Logos to give you a helping hand in Logo Design”

  1. Yury Akulin Says:

    Nora, thank you for showing my logo for Sertifi here!

  2. Free online virtual worlds Says:

    Nice “hands”. Some of the designs are really cool, like the Sertifi logo. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sebastian Says:

    Really good selection!!!!

  4. da5id Says:

    Damn, there are some really nice ‘I wish I’d done that’ logos there

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