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12 frequent logo design mistakes – AVOID!!!

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Written By: Nora Reed
Today, I start my post by quoting a logo designing blunder. A few years back, a Las Vegas company launched an energy drink called Cocaine. Not long after its launch, the FDA pulled the drink from the market. Reason??? The word used as its logo was that of a notorious drug itself. The font in its logo design resembled a white powder (cocaine). Its marketing language was rife with drug references. Short and sweet, while designing a logo we need to apply many things and avoid number of things.
Is your logo design capable of making your customers SMILE :)
Limited in references

These are the keys of a designing a unique logo but do you know what happens when you make mistakes while making a logo design. For this reason you need to know beforehand all the common blunders that you might commit in logo designing. After all, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it??? :)

For your due awareness, I have enlisted some frequent blunders that most people make while creating a logo design:

1. Avoid amateurs; your logo design demands professionalism from you.
2. Don’t just conjure up meaningless logos…design your logo with a purpose! You might think the arrow does nothing here. But it says that has everything from a to z
3. Don’t be PC reliant…sketch your idea on a paper
4. Never clog the beauty of logo with complexity, just KISS (Keep it Simple Straight) :)
5. Make your logo design compatible for all mediums. The FedEx logo is easily visible on all formats of media.
6. Avoid adding unnecessary inclusions (co, Ltd, Inc) Notice what vague inclusions have been made under the “Families” logo!

7. Say No to Plagiarism; always remember the PEPSI-COKE Case

8. Dreadful color combination: Although the logo is one of the creations of “Paul Rand” but the uneasy color selection is making it very awkward
9. Avoid certain typography issues (improper spacing, predictable, crazy and thin fonts). Geez, what’s this supposed to mean???
10. Never initiate in color mode; start logo design in black and white.

11. Haste makes waste….give your logo design attention it deserves!

12. Don’t stick to logo design trends ….create something original.
Have you ever encountered a logo design mistake other than the ones I mentioned?? Also analyze your logo design closely and tell if you have made any of these mistakes.


29 Responses to “12 frequent logo design mistakes – AVOID!!!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Every one of these points are completely overshadowed by the ‘Free Logo Maker” featured in this site.

    Oh the hypocrisy of it!

  2. Alma Hoffmann Says:

    Then why would you have a tab for Free logo maker? These steps or points imply knowing and interacting with the client to understand their needs and conceptual approaches.The Amazon and FedEx logo were NOT made in a cookie cutter website offering a free logo maker function. Making logos for free disrespects everything we designers stand for and disrespects the No SPEC effort.

  3. David Andrew Says:

    Great post! The future of logo’s will be signature symbols and sounds. Start in black and white but end in color…..Keep up the good work!

  4. xRommelx Says:

    i never designs a logo, but i have to do one day, and this article is very interesting, thank you

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  6. Sergiu Naslau Says:

    Good information, but explain something to me, what is it with the KISS interpretation?
    kiss – “keep it simple and stupid” , “keep it simple stupid” , “keep it simple straight”

  7. randy Says:

    yea, the “Free Logo Maker” tab ruins it all. :(

  8. Logo Search Says:

    Arrows are used in a lot of the designs ;-)

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  10. Linda Says:

    Agreeing with Nick here. And what’s up with the “avoid amateurs” nike swoosh? That logo was designed by a student!

  11. Shawn K. Says:

    Good article, I do like the notion behind it.

    I just don’t like how you didn’t clearly differentiate between what is right and wrong in the images.

  12. Mark Says:

    I cannot follow the logic in your propostion/argument. You make reference to a “do not” but then illustrate it with a ‘do’ logo. It’s all very muddy thinking. Much better resource is definitely

  13. Web Design Maidstone Says:

    I don’t like the London 2012 logo either but you should show the real one not the fudged one!

  14. Larry David Says:

    Alma and Randy, you are such whiners. The Free Logo Maker is obviously not meant to be a legitimate design tool, just something fun on the internet. Jeez, get off your high horse.

  15. Nora Reed Says:

    hey thanx for the compliments Sergiu but there’s no real philosophy behind the kiss ;) Just a different way of saying “keep things simple” thats all ..


    Yeah I can see where not using proper spacing and /or spaces can really change the whole concept of a logo..

    Thanks for the insight!

    Norman Flecha

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  18. Patrice Says:

    @Alma Hoffmann yes its a fail

  19. johnkanesmith Says:

    this post = lost credibility

  20. Webdesign Rosenheim Says:

    One should think the most of those “rules” are going without saying… but it’s always good to think twice!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Samoo Says:

    Really nice article. Agree most with “rule” #2: but unfortunately logo design is commonly mistaken for agreeable colors + shapes put together.

  22. Nora Reed Says:

    @ Linda…thanks for pointing out the “Nike Swoosh” placed under the wrong title. I think while writing a post on “Logo Design Mistakes” I made the first mistake myself ;)

    @ Shawn Kay, Samoo, Straightalk….glad to know that you all liked the post but once again i would like to excuse for the wrong image placement :(

    @ Alma Hoffmann, Nick, Randy, Patrice, Johnkanesmith… I completly understand your discontent for the “Free Logo Maker” option available on top but I would say that its a matter of choice, as said by Larry David. My blog aims to cater all the designers with different perspectives.

    However, thanks to all the readers who stopped by and dropped their comments.

  23. joe witte Says:

    I’m not sure what the logomaker has to do with the post. This post makes sense, we’ll pass on to our design team as “reminders”.

    Designers.. consider this- not every business has $1500 to design a logo (some new bloggers, literally have $0)- so, better to have something for free, than nothing they can afford. As their business grows, hopefully they’ll recognzie the importance and re-brand themselves, and hire professional designers.

    Also, I think that LogoBlog has a right to monetize the site with this tool. Designers dont work for free, neither to bloggers. Wake up, we aren’t in a communist country, we are in capitalistic country, and have a right to make money, right?

  24. Gareth Coxon Says:

    KIDSEXCHANGE, what were they thinking?!

  25. wien Says:

    nice article, thanks

  26. joe witte Says:

    Originally, “KISS” is another acronym coming from the Army (Which swims with acronyms.. it’s awful, if you’ve been in the Army, you know). Keep it Simple Stupid, but it’s since been tones down to “Keep it simple Silly”, as know one wants to be called Stupid, not even Forrest Gump.

  27. Logo Says:

    Good article, but a bit confusing – are the examples a “do” or a “don’t” ? It’s mixed up.

    And I just checked out the Free Logo Maker site quoted here – what a great tool!

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  29. Max @ Logo Arena Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Fedex is one of my favourites logo ever.

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