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Fox Racing Logo: A “Clever” Beauty

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Written By: Nora Reed
Fox Racing LogoPink Fox Racing Logo

What the lion cannot manage to do the Fox (Racing Inc.) can. Yeh! Of course, Fox Racing Inc. is probably the most popular manufacturer of sports apparels all over the planet, which has now become one of the best selling brands of motocross clothing.

All of the coolest costumes for Bicycle Motocross, Wake boarding, Surfing, and Mountain biking offered by Fox Racing Inc. feature the (black or pink) fox racing logo and there is no doubt that it has turned out to be the most accepted alternative sports brand ever.

Many famous brands are famous because they have cautiously built up their image over a long time. The same happened with Fox Racing Inc. The Fox Head logo is a unique blend of creativity and effectuation. With a fox face awesomely depicted in between; it does complete justice to the premium quality of Fox Racing Inc. products. Nothing else comes even close.

So, what is it that makes Fox Racing logo so influential? There are two important factors at play on this one. The matchless cleverness of arts and the bright flair of attractiveness that it encompasses. Fox racing logo is the definitive account of the World’s most compelling sports apparel brand. It does not only add a great value to the product but also lets out the ritzy appearance of the branded casual wear.

The best part of its beauty is that the fox racing logo wonderfully follows up the latest trends among teenage boys & girls; its biggest buyers.

The Fox racing logo can be widely observed on different company clothing items such as its trousers, its t-shirts, its jackets, its caps and its blah…blah…beauty.

16 Responses to “Fox Racing Logo: A “Clever” Beauty”

  1. John Freund Says:

    Totally agree. I really like Fox Racing Logo and its concept. Nice write-up.

  2. Jason Webb Says:

    Awesome piece of writing. You are not short of any established brand analyst. Keep it up!

  3. Joe Dearbonne Says:

    Fox Racing Logo is quite artistic and worth discussion. I look forward to explaining the theory behind other logos too. Keep it up.

  4. Adam Says:

    I always loved the Fox Racing logo. Their products are the sleekest too. You will inevitably fall in love with their “clever” brand lol.

  5. Martin Says:

    An obvious beauty. The design and concept both are quite awesome.

  6. Driftwood Says:

    The primary reason the Fox logo is popular with younger folks is that it is OBSCENE, although very deceptively so. Take a GOOD look at the “inner shape” by disregarding the “beard” of the fox. Then, once you figure out what this “shape” actually is, your imagination doesn’t have to go too far to understand what the “beard” represents…genius and perversion, all wrapped into one logo!

  7. Macoe Says:

    Hi – great analysis! I’m writing a thesis on the use of animals in graphic design and I would love to reference your essay above, but I would need to know the author’s name to credit you correctly. If you wouldn’t mind being included, please email me your name. Thanks!

  8. dixienic Says:

    alsome i love fox recing an da logo it my screen saver to da computer ;)
    *fox racimg grl*

  9. jase Says:

    i love fox racing. these logos r cool. I am sponsored by fox because i race dirtbikes.

  10. jb Says:

    I think the logo is simple and clean in it’s appearance. Logos turn into brands and Fox has certainly dominated in cool gear category. It’s easy to recognize and identify what the brand name it. Not bad for a sly fox (insert pun here).

  11. Bex Says:

    Hey I’m a really big fox fan and sooooo iz my family we luv it sooooo much it iz just sooo gd u can’t think of anythin better than it any way I’m from australia

  12. Janet Says:

    I was curious as to when this logo came about. Back when I was in grade school, some 30+ years ago, I would draw this very same picture of a fox and then me and other people in my school would write boys names underneath, back then ‘fox’ meant cute or good-looking. The fox I drew usually had a cartoon body that made it look like a stuffed animal, but the head is identical, the added pupils in fox’s logo is the only difference. Just wondering if its just a big coincidence or if you had any comment.

  13. Elliott Smolder Says:

    Great Blog, Dude! I am always on the lookout for new and interesting sports sites and info… which is what led me here. I certainly plan on visiting again! See Ya

  14. blake sexton Says:

    thanx for sponsoring me fox racing!!!! you guys are the best!!!!

  15. cagey Says:

    I have always wondered what the hell these car decals and apparel mean. Apparently – meaningless. Another mystery solved.

  16. Dida Says:

    I wonder in which city Fox Racing Inc is headquartered?

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