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10 Famous Logo Designers and their creations – A tribute!!

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Written By: Nora Reed
We witness countless famous brands and their captivating logo designs but do we ever wonder whose brainchild is it that created these magnificent logo designs? Short and simple, I say:

Behind every successful brand there is a logo designer”.

Today I have penned 10 of the most famous and prominent logo designers behind the finest corporate brands. Some of them are not among us today but their masterpieces are eternal, compelling us to salute these masterminds. So, let’s begin the tour.

1. Saul Bass

SAUL BASS (1920-1996) was a renowned graphic designer of the 20th century. He was well known for designing film titles. His corporate logo designing included very successful brand identities like Bell Telephone System Communications, United Airlines, AT&T, Minolta, and Warner.


2. Paul Rand

Paul Rand (1914–1996) was an eminent graphic designer of American origin. He was best recognized for his famous corporate logo designs. Some of his corporate identities include the logo designs for ABC, IBM and UPS.


3. Alan Fletcher

Alan Gerard Fletcher (1931- 2006) was a British graphic designer. The Daily Telegraph described him as "the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific". Some of his corporate work that is known to many is the logo for Reuters in 1965, comprising of 84 dots. His "V&A" logo for Victoria and Albert Museum, designed in 1989 his "IoD" logo for the Institute of Directors are still in use today.


4. Sagi Haviv

Sagi Haviv, who is a partner at Chermayeff & Geismar, is a 34 year old designer. Among his various corporate identity projects are the logo designs for the National Parks of New York Harbor, Radio Free Europe, Library of Congress, and the famous fashion brand Armani Exchange.


5. Walter Landor

Walter Landor (1913-1995) was a German graphic designer belonging to Munich. Landor was most popular for his creative Fedex logo design. The meticulous use of negative space ‘arrow’ was a brilliant masterpiece of Landor. His FedEx logo design is considered as one of the best logo designs in the world.


6. Herb Lubalin

Herbert F. Lubalin (1918 –1981) was a famous graphic designer of USA. Herb’s most prominent logo designs are the Marriage logo created in 1965 and the Families logo designed in 1980.


7. Chermayeff & Geismar:

Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar were two students at Yale in the mid 1950s. Chermayeff & Geismar Inc are the creators of numerous famous trademarks and corporate identities. Some of the most prestigious of their works is for large corporations such as Mobil, Time Warner, Viacom, and Xerox.


8. Wally Olins

Wikipedia claims Wally Olins to be recognized as the world’s most experienced practitioner of corporate identity and branding. Wally was nominated for the Prince Philip Designers Prize in 1999 and received the Royal Society of Arts’ Bicentenary Medal for his tireless efforts in the design industry.


9. Gerard Huerta

Gerard Huerta is a designer with one of the most versatile design portfolio. Not many graphic designers get the opportunity to apply their design skills in such vast areas as Gerard Huerta has done. His famous corporate logo designs include Swiss Army Brands, Calvin Klein’s Eternity, MSG Network, CBS Records Masterworks logo, The Atlantic Monthly and PC Magazine.


10. Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy (1893 – 1986) is recognized as one of the best industrial designers of the 20th century. The 1971 Shell logo, which is still used today, was designed by Loewy. He also created old logos for British Petroleum (Shield logo) and Exxon.


53 Responses to “10 Famous Logo Designers and their creations – A tribute!!”

  1. The Amazing Spider-Ads Says:

    Wow, totally humbling to see the kind of timeless work these guys turned out. Never knew about Saul Bass’ logo design work, either!

  2. Nick Says:

    Is Wolly Olins the one who designed that awful, awful, London 2012 logo?

  3. Luke Lux Says:

    It’s a wonderful collection. Thanks to post it!

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  5. Gayle Says:

    I enjoyed reading about the logos. You’ve put together a great list of top designers!

  6. Carey Sessoms Says:

    It’s neat to see these top logo designers with three top three logos side-by-each. You’re right, Gerard Huerta does have a diverse portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Web Guru Says:

    One of the best and classic logo collection of all times. Great one.

  8. Oswald Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, wonderful collection. Great work inspiration.

  9. jo Says:

    What about peter Schmidt?

  10. Weby Life Says:

    Cool Post Wonderful Logos

  11. vectorilla blog Says:

    Great collection thanks

    London 2012 Logo Rulezz :):):)

  12. lamonte Says:

    Can you post how much they got paid for each of these logos?

  13. Laurent Jouvin Says:

    Not sure if she’s famous or not, but Carolyn Davidson (a graphic design student at the time) designed the Nike logo. That’s undeniably another timeless logo.

  14. Anna Conroy Says:

    The same person did BP, Shell AND Exxon? Crazy!

  15. Heidi Bright Says:

    You need to include my husband, Keith Bright, Bright Strategic Design!
    Mandalay pictures, National Car Rental, Fox, Grammys…

  16. Danielle Says:

    @nick “Is Wolly Olins the one who designed that awful, awful, London 2012 logo?”

    - No, that was Wolff Olins

  17. heather Says:

    i’m currently working on my personal logo, and it’s interested how none of these works are for themselves. it’s so difficult to come up with a personal logo.

  18. Serjirao Says:

    Wonderfull Herb Lubalin 3 logos !!! Wah !!!!

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  20. Shaun Says:

    Surely Milton Glaser should get a mention. The I heart NY logo is iconic, timeless and a perfect balance of message and simplicity.

  21. dacken Says:

    What a collection of logos.
    Nice Logos. I like this logos.


  22. Nik Says:

    Frank Olinsky designed the MTV logo, which I’m a fan of. Don’t think he managed to parlay that into such a great portfolio as these select few though. Cheers.

  23. Nora Reed Says:

    Thanks to all who enjoyed the post and stopped by to drop comments.

    @ Heather…I hope these inspiring logos help you come up with a remarkable logo design.

    @Shaun…I agree that I missed putting “Milton Glaser” on the list but plan to come up with another list of famous designers and will have him on top :)

    @ Laurent Jouvin…I will make sure that i put Carolyn Davidson on the upcoming list of designers for her timeless Nike Logo.

    @Danielle…thanks for correcting Nick.

  24. Logó Tervezés Says:

    This is an excellent collection of logos! Thank you for sharing! I love this blog! Feel free o visit me back :)

  25. Paul Holstein Says:

    I am a big fan of Walter Landor! Thought all of them really are talented people.
    Great List!

  26. Maksim Shaihalov Says:

    Nice logos. Thanks!

  27. Shafique Ahmad Says:

    I am a Designer. In simple words, I think a good logo should be simple, attractive, that describe the purpose of company, business or product without telling. And all the above Logo has the same qualities. The basic focus of designer should be in developing the idea and purpose after that you can draw a logo in 2 mints.

  28. Unique Design Says:

    I really love Herb Lubalin’s logos, in a particular way “Mother & Child”. Also love Walter Landor’s “Northwest Airlines”.

  29. Allen Pieckus Says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of press about Sagi Haviv lately. Some magazine called him the Tom Ford of graphic design. I think Tom Ford is that designer from Gucci.

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  31. Logo Search Says:

    Interesting to learn about the designers behind these famous icons that have stood the test of time.

  32. wien Says:

    great post, thanks for sharing

  33. Ecommerce Marketing Says:

    This is good collection, I like this information.
    Thank You.

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    Muy buena Info.

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  38. Lauren Says:

    It’s amazing that some of these people have VARIOUS widely recognizable logos.

  39. Shovan Says:

    Awesome list, thanks for sharing

  40. Sarah Harell Says:

    Good List! Thanks for sharing! We could add the swimming pool site I saw last week! It has a very sleek logo (not designed by someone famous though)

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  42. Jonny Says:

    great collection and a good list to show clients that good logos are simple logos. not muh drop shadow, or bevel and emboss here :)

  43. Kimberly Says:

    It is really great post, I love it.

  44. TYVM Says:

    Nice post, I discovered here that a lot of them are dead. Their works will stay alive!

  45. virtualDeziner Says:

    wow! great info, and really great logos, simple and creative, do agree with Jonny, good logos without drop shadows and bevel :)

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  47. Manh Says:

    gr8 !

  48. matin Says:

    wow!!! this really helped me to get to know some of these great guys, thx.

  49. vuitton Says:

    this really helped me to get to know some of these great guys

  50. innovative logo Says:

    Things seem to become more personal when you know some of the history behind the talented work.

  51. Shweta Jain Says:

    Wow! Great list!

  52. trade channel Says:


    I am looking to get a logo design for my website, but now cant spend any more money, bcs i have got it dont from 4 designers and cant get the satisfaction.

    I am ready to pay 300$ if i select the logo but not before that.

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  53. Signe Budnik Says:

    Educational post, this is. It is definitely great to find a article that is valuable.

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