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40 Animal and Human Logo Designs An exciting collection!!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Logo awareness is on a rise and getting a professional logo design is not a complicated procedure anymore. However, coming up with unusual logo designs which could rise among the crowd is not so easy. We all emphasize on having unique logo designs, which are memorable and hard to ignore. Therefore, logo designers are always experimenting with their logo designs to come up with extraordinary logo designs.

Undoubtedly, creative use of a human face or an animal figure can be amazingly expressive and descriptive about your business. Expressions of a human face or the lighthearted image of an animal figure can easily make your logo catchy and unforgettable. Therefore, you will notice human face or animal figures used as a graphical element in ample of logo designs.

Today, I have rounded up 40 animal and human face logos, showcasing how these elements can make a logo recognizable and famous. Don’t forget to share which of these logos you enjoyed most :)


Animal Logos

Logo Design-1
Logo Design-2
Logo Design-3
Logo Design-4
Logo Design-5
Logo Design-6
Logo Design-7
Logo Design-8
Logo Design-9
Logo Design-10
Logo Design-11
Logo Design-12
Logo Design-13
Logo Design-14
Logo Design-15
Logo Design-16
Logo Design-17
Logo Design-18
Logo Design-19
Logo Design-20

Human Logos

Logo Design-21
Logo Design-22
Logo Design-23
Logo Design-24
Logo Design-25
Logo Design-26
Logo Design-27
Logo Design-28
Logo Design-29
Logo Design-30
Logo Design-31
Logo Design-32
Logo Design-33
Logo Design-34
Logo Design-35
Logo Design-36
Logo Design-37
Logo Design-38
Logo Design-39
Logo Design-40

10 Responses to “40 Animal and Human Logo Designs An exciting collection!!”

  1. Tara Hannon Says:

    Love the Little Big Company, very creative

  2. Luftmensch Says:

    Grace Hospice definitely looks more like a dove than a human to me. Wonderful logos though.

  3. joseph Says:

    well, I found this new site that offers logo at a very cheap rate (as low as 25 dollars I think)……….I got a logo designed from them……nice job and also they provide the ai format unlike so many other companies…………..Just wanted to spread the word…..

  4. 155+ Fresh Community Links for Designers and Developers | tripwire magazine Says:

    [...] 40 Animal and Human Logo Designs – An exciting collection!! [...]

  5. Laurent Jouvin Says:

    What a great collection! I love all of them and refuse to have a favorite. Thanks for putting this list together.

  6. Kellee Byrd Says:

    This is a great collection, some wonderful talent here.

  7. 155+ Fresh Community Links for Designers and Developers | Afif Fattouh - Web Specialist Says:

    [...] 40 Animal and Human Logo Designs – An exciting collection!! [...]

  8. logo design chicago Says:

    these are all great logos! very inspiring.

  9. PSM Says:

    So cool, Allan Hodges design was way so awesome and Toro design is the very artistic. What’s new with KFC logo?

  10. James Strange Says:

    Thanks for including my work.

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