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Design of a Fast Food Logo

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Written By: Nora Reed

Food has become not only a passion but a form of skill, with increasing competitions in the food industry. This has forced food companies to push their products to the fascinating journey starting right from designing the logo to displaying them in the best package and along with the right publicity campaigns. Logo becomes the identity of the company. It can capture attention of customers. Today gastronomical design has evolved to such an extent that we find many restaurants taking cooking and eating to higher levels.

Logo can make your product to be recognized immediately especially with the right elements – Color, text and style or even the combination of all three.

Elements for fast food logos:

1. Color – Consider using warm and vibrant colors in fast food logos because warm colors like red etc are associated with hot food and these colors instantly draw attention. The warmth of red, yellow, black, brown or orange can create excitement. Having the hottest of the warm colors represent the power of your business too. Strong colors usually make a great attempt of non-verbal communication. You could even have a combination of warm color with some cool colors or soothing colors so as to tone down the strong emotions. But if you want to set a hunger then get going for red….

2. Font – Choosing the right font for the food logo is itself a great skill and science as different fonts represents different emotions like they can be casual, dramatic or even elegant. Font for food logos needs to be simple. Simplicity and clarity can create a striking visual effect thus making the logo stand out. Like the ones below:
fast food logos
3. Style – Style in food logo needs to be in the form of an expression that can maintain the personality, depict a casual effect and with grace as well. The style should give the same impact when reproduced in several products or package. The entire idea should be to create a passion or rather hunger in the customers who see the logo.

In short, a logo can represent a company. The main intention of creating a logo is to generate a terrific impact in the mind of the customers. In today’s scenario, even food business has become intense and competitive. To succeed, one must develop a marketable concept with the right campaign. Logos make the direct impact in reaching to every customer and there is a compulsory need for creating a striking logo.

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  1. Asgeir Hoem Says:

    Great post!

    Another interesting part of use of colour in the fast food industry, is their interior. The reason why you often see red and orange colours in the interior of fast food restaurants, is that these colours generate restlessness. They want people to come in, buy something, eat quickly and leave – to give room for new customers. I think there is a connection from this to their use of red and orange in logos. Pretty much all of them include one of those two, or a combination.

    Anyway, interesting blog. I posted a short case study of one of my own logos earlier this week. I’d appreciate some feedback, if you’ve got a minute.

    – A

  2. Rich Loeffler Says:

    Interesting. So red and orange keeps the “campers” on the move.

  3. bonz Says:

    very cool article !!

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  8. annsharmaine Says:

    nice article..informative and useful!

  9. Restaurant Design Says:

    Thanks for the informative info on the color logo. For fast food we do know if its cool looking and catchy, this will always capture the eyes.

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  12. Shamima Sultana Says:

    I like the pizza hut’s logo…
    its really eye catchy and its theme is great:)

  13. Interior Design Fireplaces Says:

    Prepared and fast foods have given us the time and freedom to see cooking as an art form – a form of creative expression.

  14. Julia Says:

    I like this stuff but i think it is a brief information about fast food designing, i m looking for detailed info. Well thx

  15. ASHOK Says:

    We like to make fully our shop design in to fast food like Pizza & Chicken & Chips Take away purpose only

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