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10 Terrific Logo Design Ideas to stir your creative senses!!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Have you ever wanted to come up with a new logo design but just could not tap that creative part of your mind? Or do you curse yourself for not coming up with a creative logo design ideas, when required the most? Think again!

Logo design is an imperative tool which builds trust, recognition and respect for a company. A logo design idea surfaces when your thoughts are organized and mind you, there are simply no creative bounds when we talk about logo designing. So briefly, designing an ultimate logo design can be an extensive practice.

Today, I would like to provide you with 10 pointers that can help you strike up a terrific logo design idea:


1. Pour out your thoughts on paper:

An effective method of coming up with a logo design idea is to bring your thoughts on to a paper. While putting pen on paper, decide how you want to portray your company in front of your customers. No matter how weird or uncanny your thoughts are, just spill them out and revise them afterwards. Even a little spark of creative thought can lead you to a fascinating logo design idea. So note them down before you forget them.

2. Consultation and discussion:

Never hesitate in discussing about logo design with your friends and family. You never know what ideas they might have in store for you. Never decline a viewer’s notion even if it is from your little son or daughter. Consulting before finalizing a logo design can help you clear your thoughts and give you more bits and pieces to work on. You also might want to consult professional logo designers for guidance.


3. Evaluate of your business:

The logo is used to display the rationale of your existence in the industry. Successful logo designs echo what your business is about, how it performs and what goods and services you provide. Every area of business requires an identity to be recognized with. Each needs a logo design but of totally distinct structure. Hence it is all so important to understand each industry’s basic theme in order to come up with an idea for logo design.

4. Bulls eye on the target:

Studying your target market can lead you to a unique logo design idea. The age factor, gender issues, spending power, education level and a complete study of demographics can lure you to a fine notion. Think of a soft spot of your audience that you can exploit and then design your logo.


5. Slogan echoes your logo:

A company slogan echoes your intention and the level of motivation to do business. Normally the slogan is accompanied with the logo. This creates a factor to be associated with your logo design. Many customers link the catchy slogan to remember your company.


6. Think differently:

While conjuring up logo design ideas, always study your competitors’ logos. This will give you an idea of how to distinguish your logo design from theirs. But remember not to wander away from the general theme of the industry. How do you expect your customers to recognize you if your logo design is no different than others? Therefore clearly make a distinction from your opponents.

7. Think of associations:

When trying to think of a logo design idea, it is an effective way to think of associations. Link your business with stuff around you. Associating your business with colors, places and other objects can lead you to a fascinating logo design idea.

8. The Twist game:

Another way of coming up with a logo design idea is to twist the letters of your company name. What you do is take the name of your business and try out different type faces. Twisting a letter into a design that is relevant to your business is a great way to create logo designs. This can lend a hand in striking up a distinctive logo design.

9. A little Inspiration can do the trick:

It never hurts looking and admiring the works of others. Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to light up a logo design idea. There are innumerable logo designs inspirations available on the web that you can get inspiration from. In addition to that, keep your senses open to logos around you. You never know which one may inspire you to an idea.

10. Think future:

The logo design has to be flexible so that it can be tailored according to all forms of business. It should be adaptable so that you can promote your products and services across cultures. Adopt an idea for a logo that is successful in the future. It should be robust and resilient. Even though it is impossible to predict the future, it can be of useful to keep in your mind where you picture your business in the coming years.

So keep striving for a logo design idea till it you finally conceive one. Remember, in logo design it’s not a matter of do or die, it’s a matter of how much you try. :)


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  1. logoziner Says:

    i really like the creativity!

  2. Tristan Gerard Says:

    perfect logos! Thnks for showcasing..

  3. Mark Averiitt Says:

    Great post. Thanks for the inspiration. This post actually sparked ideas for two different designs that I am working on right now. I especially like the first tip about putting your idea on paper. With all the technology we have today, sometimes we forget the basics.

    Thanks again.

  4. Mike Says:

    The wisdom of tip #9 is repeated again and again. Inspiration always helps me out of jam.

  5. Sunday Inspiration #15 | mattrutherfordDOTcom Says:

    [...] 10 terrific logo designs – from the always incredible LogoBlog, some really inspirational stuff if you are rebranding or revamping… [...]

  6. Matt Says:

    Those are great. They really get the creative juices flowing. Houseclip Housing stands out in particular.

  7. Logo Search Says:

    LOVE the Pink Flamingo farm. Very impressive.

  8. blythe Says:

    Beautiful logo examples! One of the most important things for me is the very first thing you mentioned, putting my thoughts on paper first. There is a certain freedom with just pencil and paper sketching that you don’t have with a computer :)

    One of my predictions for 2010 was that the hand rendered style would be big within web design. Do you think this is something that may carry across into logos as well?

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  10. danang rahadi Says:

    Thanks, it so helpful for me to gain new idea in company

  11. Ben Johnson Designer Says:

    Nice article, very usefull tips

  12. mowdesign Says:

    wow .. great logos.

  13. Jennifer @ Web Graphics Says:

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    i genuinely have the same opinion like the 6th statement “ think of association ” One should be familiar with what he/she is working for and I like this third point “Think future” for me it unlocked some new aspects designing ideas.

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