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10 Famous Logo Designs and how much did they cost?

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Written By: Nora Reed

There is a vast distinction between the price and the value of a logo design. Some corporate logos are designed at exorbitant prices but their value is not parallel to the amount paid. While, several logo designs are made at a miserly price and still turn out to be extremely valued brands.

I have been asked many a times by some of my readers as to why the prices of notable logos are seldom told? This simple yet intricate query compelled me to probe the matter. After an extensive research and hours of painstaking Google search, I managed to round up the prices of 9 famous logos along with their respective designers.

Following is a table featuring 10 prominent logo designs with their price and other statistics.


glasgow logo  anz logo  enron logo  twitter logo  google logo



Designed by



Enron Paul Rand 1990s $ 33,000
ANZ - 2009 $15,000,000
NeXT Paul Rand 1986 $100,000
Pepsi Arnell Group 2009 $ 1,000,000
London 2012 Olympics Wolff Ollins 2007 £ 400,000
Glasgow 2014 Games Marque Agency 2010 £ 95,000
Melbourne Australia Landor Associates 2009 $ 240,000
Nike Carolyn Davidson 1971 $ 35
Twitter Simon Oxley 2009 $10-$15
Google Ruth Kedar 1999 -


london 2012 logo  london 2012 logo  london 2012 logo  london 2012 logo  london 2012 logo


Although I toiled a lot on the internet to find the price of Google logo but could not discover it. I would like you guys to help me out in unearthing the cost of designing the Google logo. Also, if any of the above given prices is incorrect, please let me know the facts.

49 Responses to “10 Famous Logo Designs and how much did they cost?”

  1. r64 Says:

    15 MILLION DOLLARS for the ANZ logo?

  2. Paul D. Waite Says:

    Wasn’t the London Olympics logo part of a larger branding exercise? I suppose some of the other logos were as well, but Twitter’s branding, for example, probably evolved over time with the site, rather than being inherent in the bird logo. I’m thus not sure the comparison is direct.

  3. Logoblink Says:

    The title is nice, but it’s not true.
    Most of these prices are for far more complicated process than just designing a logo. A team of top-creative people is engaged for a long period of time with a certain project. Research, analytics, reports, meetings, expenses, work, revisions, more work and more revisions, presentations, etc.
    Some companies just make a PR by not giving the details that actually the price is not only for designing the corporate identity, but for making and printing a lot of various advertising materials. So the whole contract is for 1.000.000 – but the logo is just a small part of it.
    Also at the end if the logo costs officially 1.000.000 – you have huge % of VAT and corporate taxes.. and the real price is far less than the announced.
    These are just some thoughts…

  4. Vrudijones Says:

    As far as I know, Google logo was designed on GIMP and it was free…

  5. Nick Says:

    Who would pay anything for the London logo

  6. Alex Says:

    Nike swoosh is the essence of Logo Design! ;)

  7. Mark Says:

    Neither Kedar nor Google has publicly disclosed the fee that was paid to her for designing the logo.

  8. Francis Says:

    I agree with Alex.

    Anyway, isn’t the Google logo part of some online logo contest they organized? I think I read that somewhere. Or maybe I’m having memory lapses.

  9. Phil Ken Sebben Says:

    The Twitter picture is incorrect: Twitter (the wordmark) is what’s described in the table. “Ollie,” the blue bird, was designed by Louie Mantia of the Iconfactory for Twitterrific, a Twitter client not affiliated with Twitter (the company).

  10. Phil Ken Sebben Says:

    Sorry, not Louie Mantia, but David Lanham. My mistake.

  11. Andy Charly Says:

    After it blew up, Nike settled with Davidson for an undisclosed amount of money. As stated earlier, there is a lot more that goes into the price than just designing a logo. There’s time, there’s travel, other parts of the identity to design, produce and implement, etc. I’d put the average cost of the logo at about 25-40% of the ‘price’ you see here.

  12. Wow Says:

    That is not twitter’s official logo. It’s the icon for Twitterific, an app made by Iconfactory:

    Simon Oxley’s bird and a more in-depth discussion on its history can be found here:

    Not to mention that the $15mil number is the cost of the roll-out of the new ANZ branding, which includes costs of advertising buys, signage, etc.

  13. Danielle Says:

    Agree with Logoblink and Paul, chances are, most of these logos were part of a larger branding effort. You’re brand is much more than just choosing colors, icons, or type to create a logo. It is about strategy, a message, public perception. The designers/agency were probably paid for branding- not just a logo design.

    -Danielle, Atomicdust
    Saint Louis, Mo.

  14. Ollie Says:

    Only the type is the Twitter logo! That’s me from Twitterific!

  15. Alex Says:

    dont forget that these prices are not only for a logo, but for a complete corp. ID, I guess…

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  17. Caspian Says:

    I believe that the ANZ was created by Designworks in New Zealand.

  18. Rina Miele Says:

    That is the Twitterific Bird for the app… designed by David Lanham… not the “Twitter logo”

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  20. Nora Reed Says:

    Hey friends, let me make a correction here for the twitter logo I have placed. The designer name and price mentioned in the table above, is actually meant for the birdie icon, initially used by twitter. The logo is replaced now and sorry for the confusion.

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  22. Jeff Fisher LogoMotives Says:

    After originally designing the Nike logo for $35, Davidson worked for the company as a graphic designer. Nike never “settled” with Davidson. Founder/CEO Phil Knight invited Davidson to a company luncheon where he gifted her with a diamond ring engraved with the swoosh, and an undisclosed amount of Nike stock (which later split several times), in added appreciation for the logo design and her work.

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  24. Srish Agrawal Says:

    Good post Nora. Nice to know these facts and figures. Thanks for investing time to research on the topic.

    Jeff, well what you shared is also something what very few people know. Really nice of Phil Knight.

    From $10 to $15,000,000 is really a wide range. Do we still have companies who will buy a Logo for more than a million?

    What is the basis of pricing a Logo Design work? I am sure this is pretty debatable. Is it creativity, is it the cost of the time invested, is it the size of customer pocket or is it the experience and goodwill of the designer?

    This recent growth of crowdsourcing has created more variety in the pricing structure.

    Not really sure which way the market will be moving in the coming days.

    But I am sure that there will be business for everyone :)

  25. CrystalK Says:

    Not sure what logo used to be represented for twitter in this article, as today is the first time I have seen the article, but the bird represented at the top is not ‘their’ logo, it is still available for purchase from iStock and I have seen it on some packaging at hair salons. The only other famous iStock image that Tiwitter has exclusive rights to is the ‘fail whale’ which they payed a lot for.

  26. Clifton Boroff Says:

    Doesn’t the twitter logo look more like a whale?

  27. Tom Bradshaw Says:

    Eye opening stuff. Logo design is strange – the bigger the client the more money you can charge even though it’s the same work you’d do for a tiny client…….. But if some massive company wants to pay millions then I certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

  28. pzyck Says:

    Hahaha! Nike Logo 35 dollars haha!

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  30. lindsay Says:

    The Nike one surprises me. I heard an intern designed the Google logo.

  31. Ivan Almeida Says:

    today’s logo design companys undergoing make logos cheap because there is a need to pay bills to survive.

    Rates of this caliber are only available to a minures business design companys.


  32. edwardlife Says:

    $1mil for the Pepsi logo? Too bad the Studebaker corporation isn’t in business- they could have had a hey day with the copyright infringement..

    Quick google of those brands logos will show ya exactly what I mean. Seems steep to pay so much for a near rip off.

  33. Tezz Says:

    ANZ logo according to was designed at M&C Saatchi. I found more info at
    Turns out it was desinged at the Aukland office of M&C Saatchi. hope that helps!

  34. photofunny Says:

    15 millions for a logo design??? I think it is wrogn. It will be the logo design and the costs of change the old mark.

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  36. Scott Duncan Says:

    Interesting find with the ANZ logo. $15,000,000 is just ludicrous!!

  37. Scott Duncan Says:

    Actually, ive just found a post which says that it will cost $15,000,000 to roll out the logo, including all marketing and re-signing of the bank. No mention of how much the logo cost itself though.

  38. Evert Albers - Streeff Says:

    Don’t mix up [costs for designing a logotype] and [costs for developing strategy, name, design, and implementation across a large organisation, launch campaign]. Google has invested more than 10 million in the Google brand

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  40. Graphic Designer NYC Says:

    $15 and $35 are most successful attempts :)

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  44. Jon Says:

    The logo for Melbourne is the only one that actually show some creativity.

    ANZ was a crime, is horrible.

  45. Tony Says:

    it’s not the same when a business is starting up as a small company (or a local) than if you are working with a big, well known stablished trademark. There are many factors affecting the price of the logo.

  46. Tom Says:

    Any one know how much the GAP redesign fiasco cost? After all that, it was scraped. Talk about waste…

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  48. aniket Says:

    Great post about history of logos. Twitter logo only cost 35$ ?

  49. Husac Says:

    Twitter – such a bargain :)

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