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Come One, Come All! Contest to Redesign our Logo!

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Written By: Nora Reed

As you know, here at logo blog, we love to share logo ideas. Our site has been up for a while and I noticed that our logo is a bit out dated. After working on a few redesigns myself, I decided it would be a lot more fun to throw this opportunity out to our logo blog readers. I threw away my quick sketches and had a meeting with the staff, where we came up with a contest for you, the readers who support us, to design a new logo for logo blog.

This competition is a great way for the design community to share your work and talent with us. The winning design will replace the current Logo Blog logo on our website. Unfortunately, when you get lawyers involved the opportunity to win prizes, will be limited to United States Residents only. However, we encourage designers from around the globe to participate, and to have their design featured on the web’s premiere logo site, Logo Blog.

From March 20, 2009 through April 10, 2009, Logo Blog will be accepting submissions for our new logo design. The winning design will become the official logo for The Logo Blog staff will select the top ten design submissions and will post them on our website. We will then open the contest to the public, and the blogging community to vote and determine the best design. Voting will take place from April 13, 2009 to April 20, 2009 and the winner will be announced on April 21, 2009. If you are a logo designer, or design student interested in giving it a shot, we encourage you to participate!

The top three designs received from United States Residents will receive the following great prizes: 1st place is a brand new 13” MacBook! 2nd place wins an 8 GB Apple Ipod Touch! 3rd place will receive a 16 GB Ipod Nano! Good Luck Designers! Show me what you’ve got.

13 Responses to “Come One, Come All! Contest to Redesign our Logo!”

  1. Welcoming you to New Category of Creativity - Graphic Design Contests | Graphic Design Blog Says:

    [...] This contest throws an opportunity for designers to drop in ideas for their blog’s logo redesign. There are some BIG Prizes they are offering for the winners… 1st place is a brand new 13” MacBook! 2nd place wins an 8 GB Apple Ipod Touch! 3rd place will receive a 16 GB Ipod Nano! (Read More) I think it’s not a bad deal…start sending in your doodles; maybe you might be the lucky one. Don’t forget that the submission period last from 21st March to 13th April. (Check details here) [...]

  2. Rob Morris Says:

    Awww. I was ready to take home the MacBook, but only for US residents…? That’s a shame.

    For those who are in the US, best of luck – looks like a good comp.

  3. Jasonn Klinefelter Says:

    Will the Macbook have the winners name engraved? If so please spell “Jason” with two Ns Thanks

  4. Nora Says:

    Well Jasonn, you can’t win anything without your logo submission. I’d like to see what you would have in mind. Have fun with it and send it in.

  5. Keith L. Moore Says:

    Does this have to be Web 2.0 and something more stereotypical of blogs or can I just create whatever I feel is appropriate?

  6. Nora Reed Says:

    Keith, Thanks for the question. The logo can be whatever you want. The readers are the voters so be creative and show me your skills and create what ever you think is appropriate.

  7. A.N. Says:

    Is it possible to send all 3 logos in one file, or should they be separate files?

  8. neeraj Says:

    I am an indian designer. Can i also take part in this contest.

  9. Nora Says:

    You can definitely participate! The only thing is that by law, we had to limit the prizes to U.S residents only, but you are certainly welcome to submit a logo for a chance to get your design up on our blog.

  10. Nora Says:

    To answer an email question, if you have more than one logo to send, please send them as separate files. Do not put them all together. Thank you!

  11. Miachel Says:

    This is really an intresting contest to participate but here I ould like to drop an advice for you. Although the gifts are restricted for US residents but if a design by an artist who is not a US resident is chosen, you should be commiting to give detailed exposure to his work on your blog.I think this will be encouraging and welcoming for everyone to participate in.

  12. Nora Reed Says:

    Well, As I mentioned, the exposure that we are offering is to use your design as our logo on the site. It will be seen by everyone who visits.

  13. faberdesign Says:

    Can we submit more than one logo?

    How many have been submitted so far?

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