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Blog Logos and Headers that Inspire

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Written By: Nora Reed

I’ve spent a lot of time perusing the blogs of others and trying to get a feel for what the blogging community has to offer. After my searching, a bunch of question began to arise and I began to wonder what makes a blog popular? Is it the content or the amount of friends the blogger has? Or perhaps, a well established blog that has been around longer draws more attention. I’m still stumped as to what exactly it is, but thought that maybe it was the design of the site or even the logo or header that was the sole attraction. Most blogs are simple when it comes to the design, but having recently redesigned my own blog, it brought on the thought of how others have their blogs set up. How important is the header or logo of a blog? Does that bring in traffic and attract attention, or is just a pretty label that serves little purpose?

Abduzeedo Logo


Abduzeedo has a great neon sign approach, which adds a lot of character. Other than the header, the design is simply a black background but nicely done and elegant.

Creative Nerds Blog Logo

Creative Nerds

The red background brings out the warm colors of the fire design. I think the fire is a great indicator of creative thinking.

Logo Design Love Blog Logo

Logo Design Love

I love how the blog name is set up as one word, but separated by a color difference rather than spaces. The logo covers the entire top of the page like a newspaper headline. The additional heart is the perfect way to tie it all together and add a bright color to the black and gray.

Noupe Blog Logo

noupe logo


Noupe has a great color scheme, in which the accents of pink really bring out the design, although they recently changed their look, to a pale blue background with navy lettering. The pink is still present and still ties the logo together nicely. Without the pink, it would be much more lifeless. I do think that all of the lettering should have a background shadow, it would help it jump off the page.

Outlaw Design Blog Logo

Outlaw Design Blog

Outlaw Design Blog

This look is perfect for the name. Outlaw Design Blog has the great stencil look of the old west. It reminds me of lettering that would be painted on the wall of an old saloon. I like the new design a lot better now. It is much more creative and works great with the letting, although it would look nice if there was an added lasso or horse somewhere within the lettering or alongside it. It’s just such a great theme that there are so many interesting ways to take it and run with it.

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger

I love the wrinkled background with the subtle stripes, but I think that the lettering would benefit from some color or shadow. It just seems too plain for the interesting start going on in the background. The actual site does have a lot going on, so something plain is more beneficial to the design.

Spoon Graphics Blog Logo

Blog. Spoon Graphics

This is such a busy logo but it works well. It demonstrates what it promises: good graphics!

Problogger Blog Logo

Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger has a very bold design, in which the letters stand out and seem to shout at you. The “P” symbol on the side is an innovative and modern concept.

Tech Guy Tales Blog Logo

Techguy Tales

I’m not sure how they can get away with this one. Are they ignoring copyright laws? I’m surprised that the representation for Family Guy has not shut this down for stealing their angry monkey image, but it makes sense nonetheless and works for the theme.

Celebrity Gossip Logo

Celebrity Gossip

This design works perfect for its purpose. The large pink star in the logo is reminiscent of the celebrity walk of fame and the fashionists in front of the star represent typical gossiping girls. Good gossip is always fun!

Little Box of Ideas Logo

Little Box of Ideas

The thought bubble emerging from the “i” in “ideas” is a fantastic little touch to this logo design, however I don’t fully know what the face represents. Is this the author in cartoon form? The design concept is very clever and demonstrates exactly what it is, a release of thoughts and ideas!

Crazy Leaf Design Blog Logo

Crazy Leaf Design Blog

I would be disappointed if there were not a leaf somewhere in this logo, although it somewhat resembles a feather. I love how the background and lettering have a shaded effect and don’t just look like solid colors.

Design O' Blog Header Design

Design O’ Blog

I like how the mouse is interpreted within the logo, considering it seems to be Niki Brown’s mascot. It’s cute and inviting and follows a fun, freehand text.

Cats Who Code Logo

Cats Who Code

Simple and creative. Cats who code has a fun cartoon cat figure typing on a mac. I’m surprised Apple hasn’t forced them to change it with their paranoia over logo theft, although it seems there are many blog headers that include macs in their design.

The Design Mag Blog Logo

The Design Mag

The coloring of the word “design” is what sets this concept apart from others. It looks to me like the sunset on a flat horizon and delivers a comforting feeling, yet appears professional. 

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is anther great example of an interesting logo. You can’t miss that giant “S” as soon as you see it.

When I search other blogs, I generally search by article and go after what is most compelling, no matter what blogger wrote it. Others often check specific sites everyday in search of more content. I don’t know which method is more common. With so many great logo and header designs, it’s hard to tell if those are the sole attraction to blog sites or if there is much more to it and the logo or header are just part of the entire package.  What do you think?

-Nora Reed

7 Responses to “Blog Logos and Headers that Inspire”

  1. Sneh Roy Says:

    Hi Nora! Thanks for a great roundup! And for including the Little Box Of Ideas Logo. In the original logo, the thought bubble is empty as you can see on this page

    On the blog though, the image in the thought bubble changes constantly, as regular visitors to the blog will tell you. It is a dynamic branding which reflects our most “recent creations” or “things we are working on ..ideas”.

    If you visit the site today, the cartoon face is no longer present in the logo, it is something else, a CMYK mask. :)

  2. Irfan Says:


  3. Michael Says:

    They are very nice designs and grab a persons attention. So, nice work on the companies part for the designs.

  4. Nora Reed Says:

    I wasn’t aware of the constant changes, that is certainly an interesting part of your logo. It’s a nice little add on to always go back to your site and see something new. Thanks for your great posts and ideas.

  5. Grenville Hamlyn Says:

    I am always amazed by illustrative logos, like the monkey on Tech Guy tails ;-)

    Grenville Hamlyn, a Surrey-based web and graphic designer

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  7. FrisbeeDog Says:

    Little Box of Ideas is the best by far. Creative and simple all the same. It is a little light on the word shadowing, but I love the thought bubble. Really really really well done.

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