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A Tricky Comparision – Black and White Logos VS Colorful Logos

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Written By: Nora Reed
These days the internet is packed with the finest logo design galleries, providing a strong platform for graphic designers to share their talent with the world. With this wide exposure of skilled designers, we get to see ample amounts of terrific logos on the net. However, looking at latest logo styles, I think designers have stopped believing there is any rhyme or reason for making a successful logo. In the past, designers typically believed that colorful logos were hard to ignore, so very few companies approved of black and white logos.

Well, now times have changed….Finding some of the most inventive logos in “Black & White” I couldn’t agree more with the beauty of these color free logos. Being a logo designer, have you ever asked yourself, which logos are more appealing to the viewer: Black & White Logos OR Colorful Logos?

Yes, my friends….with this thought, I decided to put some of the best “Black & White Logos” and “Colorful Logos” on comparison. Looking at this showcase of 40 amazingly imaginative logos (with 20 in each section), I want you to tell which logos you think clients find more captivating and impressive…Black White Logos VS Colorful Logos?

Black & white Logos


Colorful Logos
A Plus:
American Architects:
Urban Chic:
Yoga Australia:
Egg N Spoon:
Peace Rebels:
Jose Aguilo :
The Little Big Company:
In Out:
Hug a Panda:
I Hate You:
TASC (Stolen Children):
Great White:
Blue Eagle :
Black Castle:
Rainbow Panda:
Home Theater :
Alcedo Media :
Discrete Idea:
Art Hive:
CMYK Garden:
Color Swirl :
Condi Marker :
Go Play:
Doo PHP:
Gourmet Goodies :
Humming Bird:
Live Tree :
Print Click :
My Stock
Rain Bows :

25 Responses to “A Tricky Comparision – Black and White Logos VS Colorful Logos”

  1. David Millar Says:

    TRICK QUESTION! Every good color logo should have an equally good black and white equivalent for those times when black and white printing is the only kind available. As cool as the color logos in this post are, many of them would look abysmal if sent on a fax.

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  3. Quakeulf :3 Says:

    Monochrome wins so hard it wasn’t even a contest in the first place. >:3

  4. Amber Says:

    Although I love color I tend to respond better to the black and white logos. Perhaps it is the interplay of the foreground and background. Perhaps it is the maxim of “less is more” running through my head.

    Color logos grab more attention but seem to say less. Whereas black and white logos have a subtle communication, they trick the viewer into thinking they have solved a visual riddle & accomplished something. Once they have the black and white image in their mind they can’t forget it.

  5. Raj Says:

    Truly Awesome!!!

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  7. Mark Tyson Says:

    I think a logo design should always start with the black and white and be made up into colour as needed, not the other way round. In all the above the mono logo wins hands down too! There’s something about the definition of a logo that means monochrome simplicity is favourable. This comparison would be better if it were spot colour logos vs full colour logos. Most big brands have one or two colours essential to their identity.

  8. Jason Schwartz Says:

    David Miller is absolutely correct.

    Yes, some companies may opt for a B&W version of their logo to be primarily used, but all of those colorful logos need a 1 color equivalent for printing, faxes and any other use case where color isn’t an option.

    At the end of the day, both color and a black and white logos have to be well designed. It wont matter if it’s in color, or black and white if the logo isn’t successful.

  9. Ric Says:

    B&W VS????? Color.
    Since when has a logo become one or the other?
    Is that like asking do you like black type or colored type?

  10. linko Says:

    Great logos. My favorite is the Jose Aguilo logo.
    Really creative.

  11. itech_seo Says:

    nice collection.

  12. logotivo Says:

    only oldschool logos… it looks better

  13. Bakabaka Says:

    Monocoloured wins hands down, imho. Full-colour logos tend to use colour without actually needing it. I see a lot of logos (Goplay, Hummingbird, Livetree) that just fill an area with colour elements that really don’t add that much…

    Thanks for the comparison! It’s one of those things you don’t consciously know but DO unconsciously notice!

  14. Don Kurtz Says:

    As a li’l old signmaker who installed corporate logos in office buildings for many many years, I loved the way certain black and white logos lent themselves to 3D- the logo for GE being a prime example.
    Logos like the “colorful” logos illustrated — NOT!

  15. Marcus @ smarttechnique Says:

    I looked at this blog and all the way down I looked at the b&w logo’s. I think it’s because of their simplicity and the visual clutter is always kept to a minimum.

    This style of logo is what I’m most interested in. Double images, meanings. The examples I always use are Toblerone (hidden bear) FedEx (hidden arrow). Very interesting post.

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  17. Jonatha Dapper Says:

    Colorful Logos is better, because the colors act in our flow blood. The colorfull logos causa more emotional connection. But the logo need a Black&White version.

  18. Custom Logo Design Says:

    i would say the a colorful logo is the most attractive than black and white.

  19. robocopcd Says:

    When I open your site in your browser, Safari 4 in Mac OS X, some elements of the page and off to the side and the text is broken: ( Please help me How can I remove the problem

  20. Design Def Says:

    While I find colorful logos much appealing I think’s it’s rather a matter of choice and the sort of business one has. Corporate and other serious businesses would prefer the black and white logos any day, mainly because they look sober and defined. But then again… what’s a world without color ;)

  21. lois Says:

    i would say that the colour of the logo depends on the character needs.

  22. Company Logo Design Says:

    Color is life, colors shows expressions, color are necessary to define in a logo without colors logo has no value, but the concept is quiet interesting and the title as well.

  23. Business Logo Says:

    I like all the logos your post here. They are designed perfectly and the idea is amazing. I like the title of your post.

  24. Sam Pierce Says:

    Colors describes the entity, shows expression, every color has their own meaning and it matters a lot when you design a website or logo. I like your article and the logos you shared.

  25. bob shoemaker Says:

    Awesome collection of Logo’s you have done the great job,thanks for sharing the post.

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