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Biotechnology Logos

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Written By: Nora Reed

Biotechnology refers to combining DNA of plants and animals for modification purposes and their use in agriculture, food science and medicine. There has been a great deal of talk – and money – poured into biotechnology with the hope that miracle drugs will appear. Some people believe that the impact of biotechnology will be on the same scale as of computers. But despite growing hype about the field, there seems to be a dearth of good design and creativity in biotechnology logos.

Features of Biotechnology Logos:

Biotechnology logos should graphically be appealing, simple, creative, and give a positive feeling to the audience. Following are the important features of biotechnology logos that address the said qualities:

1. Colors:
The colors used in biotechnology logos must be attractive yet complimenting to the whole image. It ought to be appealing by presenting brilliant color combination between typefaces and image/s.

The official logo of osi pharmaceuticals

2. Fonts:
Artistic impressions and imaginative text not only looks nice, but also enclose the essence of style in a logo. That’ why when it comes to fonts, the typefaces used in biotechnology logos must be creative and explicitly logical. The ‘Solstice Neurosciences’ logo is a perfect example of such depiction. Here the company’s name is creatively illustrated by the handling of “O” in an artistic manner and still manages to be amicable with all the letters.

The official logo of Solstic Neurosciences

3. Style:
The style in biotechnology logos should be as simple as possible. It should be both appealing and approachable to give it a modern as well as a professional look. Here is a good example of how a biotechnology logo should look like. The “Javelin” logo encompasses the stylish qualities of brilliant color combination, relevancy and flaunt of text and a modern fascia it gives to the logo.

The official logo of Javelin Pharmaceuticals

Logos are the symbol of a company. They not only become the trademark of the company’s products, but also symbolize their quality and savoir faire in the market. Thus it is crucially important for the bio-tech companies to create inventive and innovative biotechnology logos as the success of these companies largely depends on strong marketing programs.

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  1. cameron white Says:

    The logo people realize the fact that character of each individual corporate is analyzed by the nature of their business drawing. It cover a whole assortment of activities ranging from representing the business, to creating an online platform, where the company can exercise its marketing abilities. Business images also aid companies in developing an increased database of clients and customers, towards the products and services it has to offer. In drawing a Biotechnology Logo design are likely to have colors of bottle and jade green, blue, red and yellow colors, and even neon colors associated with their basic logo designs. A biotechnology logo design shall look presentable, and match every environment they are placed on.

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