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Back to School with College and University Logos

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Written By: Nora Reed

Ah, college. What a great time in a young adult’s life to experience higher education, a chance to grow and mature, time to do a little partying and the sheer opportunity to gain a little independence. They say college years are the best years of your life and that is true for the most part. There is no other time in the future that is exactly the same. Most of us who thoroughly enjoyed college are always trying to get back there. Unfortunately, the time passes so quickly and right when we feel like we are adjusting, it ends, but it leaves us with a world of memories.

Higher education is a business, like any other. Both colleges and universities have to do their part in selling themselves to students to stir interest in their facilities. Of course, this means branding themselves, and displaying a great logo is a huge part of that branding. The logos for colleges and universities all vary in different ways, but are all very formal. Some have slogans and some display a coat of arms representing the history of the school. You can tell a lot by the logo such as an idea of the age of the school, it’s history and you can gain a feel for their branding efforts. The variety of logo designs is extremely interesting, but they all share a very professional look along with a bold font.

Classic Penn State Logo

Lion Penn State Logo

Lion 2 Penn State Logo

Penn State Paw Print

Penn State in State College, Pennsylvania, has multiple logos to represent their very large, well known school. It’s easy to see that the school’s logo designers have put forth a successful effort in their development. All four examples involve some form of their famous Nittany Lion and their navy blue and white school colors.

Georgetown College Logo

Queens University Logo

Harvard Logo

Loyola University Logo

Annamalai University Logo

University of Southern California Logo

University of Calgary Logo

Oxford University Logo

A coat of arms for a college or university is used as a common symbol to represent the school. A coat of arms is a traditional design that represents a group of people or a family. The coat of arms usually contains ancestral designs within a shield. The symbols stand for ancestry and achievement. Most colleges or universities date back over a hundred years, therefore the coat of arms contains history and meaning. The details change from school to school, but the symbols celebrate pride.

Globe Business College Logo

European University Institute Logo

Chaminade University LogoThomas Jefferson University Logo

The Chinese University Logo

Canadian University College Logo

Swarthmore Logo

Ursinus College Logo

Uarts Logo

University of Delhi Logo

Adelphi University Logo

Cambridge University Logo

Perugia University Logo

College is a great accomplishment is a graduate’s life and once all that studying and hard work is done, there exists a sense of pride in an alumnus’s heart.  A great logo for a college is important since it’s not only all over the school, but the life of the logo continues as alumni proudly display it on clothes, bumper stickers or other merchandise. School logos become traditions, therefore an effort to be the best is well worth it.

-Nora Reed

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  1. Beat Iowa Says:

    Great post, especially the first four :)

  2. wem Says:

    holla Adelphi! WOOO!

    I heard somewhere that for most of Harvard’s history, one of those 3 books on their logo was closed, to symbolize the fact that there were some things in the universe still unknown to man. However, sometime around when Darwin proposed his theory of evolution (i think), they chose to portray all three books as open. (!) Seems their logo speaks volumes about their disposition. ;)

  3. alex mclean Says:

    This is a great collection of logos – very inspiring. Thanks!

  4. Texture Plus Says:

    i think college logos made a revolution in the apparel industry

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