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20 ‘Word as Image’ Logo Designs – A Playful Concept!!

Categories: Inspiring Logos
Written By: Nora Reed


Alphabets are the first thing we learn when in a pre-school. It is because these alphabets are the basic constituent to make a meaningful sentence. Similarly, without knowing the ABC of design, you cannot create a meaningful logo design. But did you ever imagine words could be so much entertaining to deal with? Well Ji Lee, designer and creative director at the Google Creative Lab has proved this through his wonderful adaptation of words as literal images.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but for creative designer Ji Lee, only one word is enough to draw the entire picture. In his famous book titled Word As Image, Lee describes how a word can be twisted and turned into a meaningful symbol or wordmark. For example, the word “ROBBERY” can be shaped into a robbery scene where Y is a man with his hands up in the air and E hold an ‘r’ shaped gun. Lee has portrayed over 200 similar concepts in his interesting book.

Following are 20 of his most playful and inventive creations that can be used as inspiration for making typographic logos.


1. Christmas


2. Clock


3. Collapse


4. Comedy Drama


5. Cough


6. Elevator


7. Eliminator


8. Gravity


9. Horizon


10. Idea


11. Ill


12. Parallel


13. Pirate


14. Rest


15. Robbery


16. Smile


17. Spiderman


18. Tsumani


19. Vampire


20. Van Gogh

8 Responses to “20 ‘Word as Image’ Logo Designs – A Playful Concept!!”

  1. Andrew Heath Says:


    Was expecting a pretty good post until I got to the “Collapse” logo. That is VERY tacky.

  2. Psdbucket Says:

    What a great imagination! Who could think that you can express so much just with some words. Is a good lesson of creativity. Thanks!

  3. Bart Pluijms Says:

    Nice logo designs. Btw. The latest one should be “Van Gogh” , dutch painter who cuts his ear off. The falling part of the letter G represents his ear I think.

  4. Bharat Says:

    Incredible collection, I like that “Elevator” logo, its awesome :)

  5. joanne Says:

    I agree with Andrew, awful awful logo designs but a great as a creativity excercise.

  6. galleryheart Says:

    these are all stunning logo designs but i like the most Smile logo that is awesome man… :)

  7. anonymous Says:

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  8. Lameez Says:

    Hot’creativity loving it.

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