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25 Wild Animal Logos – The Logo Design Jungle!!

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Written By: Nora Reed


A logo design can be created using typography, symbols or both. Making logos with just the typography is relatively easier than with symbols. This is because when symbols come into play, logo designers are extremely careful to use the symbols in right way. A wrong representation can destroy the image of the company.
A common application of symbolism in logo design is using animal figures and shapes. Animals symbolize their own individual characteristics and connotations. We see many brands using animal logos to associate their brands with the attributes of different animals. But lately, you will see some very commonly used animal symbols in logos. Following are five of the most frequently utilized animal symbols in logo design:


1. Lion Logos:

Lion as we all know is “The King of the Jungle”. Hence it symbolizes courage, strength, pride and superiority. When used in a logo design, the lion symbol shows that a company is authoritative and leader in its business. A prime example of the lion symbol in famous logos is the Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) logo depicting that the company leads in film-making and movie production.

Lion Logos

2. Bird Logos:

Birds hold a symbol of liberty, freedom, peace and victory. In the Middle East, the bird is also considered to be the messenger of the divine. This is also one of the concepts behind the famous Twitter logo. The twitter birdie represents that Twitter is a messenger delivering messages between friends and associates.

Bird Logos


3. Fish Logos:

Fish is an underwater species that is mostly used in sea-food restaurant logos. It denotes tranquility, harmony and silence. They also represent spirituality as they live in water. One of the famous examples of fish logos is Mr.Cod, a fast food take-away and restaurant business in UK.

Fish Logos


4. Horse Logos:

The horse is known to be a fast, speedy and elegant animal. It symbolizes endurance, friendliness, independence, mobility, stamina, strength and travel. For example the Ferrari logo uses a horse symbol to denote their car’s extreme speed and engine power.

Horse Logos


5. Wolf Logos:

The wolf is a fearless and courageous animal. When used in logo designing, it denotes power, astuteness, potency, bravery and fury. The wolf symbol is mostly used in sports and athletic team logos. You will find them used mostly by football clubs and the NHL teams.

Wolf Logos


6 Responses to “25 Wild Animal Logos – The Logo Design Jungle!!”

  1. Jake Says:

    smashing post! the bird logos are most creative…love em

  2. Keisha Fernandes Says:

    brilliantly illustrated logos…. all are colorful and attractive

  3. Kevin Says:

    LMAO!! who uses animal logos like these?? pretty clever though

  4. Vladirmir Says:

    nice logos, thank you for sharing :)

  5. anonymous Says:

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  6. Logo Design Says:

    This is so amazing logo design. i like bird logo because Birds symbol of liberty, freedom, peace and victory.i love this post.
    Thanks for sharing.

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