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26 Inventive Typographic Logos – Play With Words!

Categories: Inspiring Logos, Logo design
Written By: Nora Reed


There are three generic methods of creating a logo design. The first comprises of using symbol or pictogram to represent a company’s identity. Second technique of creating logos includes the use of clever fonts and typography to spell out the company name. The third approach is a combination of both symbol and typography. The decision on whether to use a symbol or wordmark logo  depends on the nature and scope of the business.

Typographic logos are used for companies whose name is inimitable and exclusive. With clever use of fonts, you can facilitate the target audience in remembering your brand identity. For instance, The Coca-Cola logo has reinforced its corporate identity by employing an exclusive and distinctive typographic logo. Similarly, FedEx logo is also a brilliant example of typography in logo design. By skillfully using the fonts, the designer has incorporated an arrow between ‘E’ and ‘x’ to signify progress and continuous growth.

To provide you with inspiration on how typography can be cleverly used in logo design, here are 26 fresh and inventive typographic logos:



ANZ Fisheries



Nail It


Green Rabbit

Hidden Storage


Dark Alley







Charles Hoffman



Hillside Liquors



Sky Bar


Ohio Shorts Film Fest




Blue Drop


Quick Fish







Umbrella prints


3 Responses to “26 Inventive Typographic Logos – Play With Words!”

  1. Pieter Says:

    Great gallery of logo’s. Very nice inspiration! Thanks.

  2. anonymous Says:

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  3. Psdbucket Says:

    I like these logos are designed very clever. Sometimes it’s hard to create logos with a message very clear, but these logos are the best examples. Is a good source of inspiration.

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