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Top 12 Logo Design Galleries for Your Inspiration!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Being a logo designer, I always crave for various sources to inspire myself. Nowadays, there are many online sites that harbor logo designs for inspirational purposes. These sites showcase some of the best logo designs that are sure to flow the creative juices in your brains. But beware…as there is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism.

Whether you are a logo designer or a client who wants to get a logo design for your company, logo design galleries are a real treat to watch. But given that there are so many inspirational sites evolving every now and then, it is difficult to spot the best ones.

Today, I present you the top 12 logo design galleries that display the most creative and stimulating logo designs. So the next time you are searching for a place to generate ideas, visit the following galleries and get inspired:


1. Logo Pond

Logo Pond is a wonderful place to fish for ideas, showcasing over 10,000 brand Identities and logo designs.

2. Logo Faves

Logo Faves is a creative logo design showcase with over 8,000+ logos. It is a place to find the most inspiring logos and talented logo designers.

3. Logo Fi is a new web experience for logo designers and hosts countless logos that are unique and creative

4. Logo Moose

Logo Moose is a showcase for some of the best logos from all over the world. It brings you daily dose of logo inspiration and branding identity.

5. The Design Inspiration

The Design Inspiration is an inspiration site that holds daily logo designs, Illustration Art, website showcase, business cards, photos and patterns.

6. Logo Spire

Logo Spire is another cool logo inspiration gallery. Here you can upload, browse, rate and comment on logos.

7. LogoLicia

The Logolícia is a gallery of inspirational logos that aims to publish your work and serve as inspiration for your next project.

8. The Logo Mix

Here you can check out some of the most creative logo designs made by professional logo designers to get inspired.

9. Logo Fury

Logo Fury is another stimulating logo design gallery that is updated daily. There are hundreds of professional logo designs to inspire you.

10. Logo From Dreams

Logo From Dreams lives up to its name for showcasing dreamy logo designs for logo designers. Here you will see various logo examples for inspiration and learn graphic design.

11. Logo of The Day

It is a logo design inspiration site that has a brilliant Logo Design Gallery and also hosts its own Logo Design Awards. You can find Logos for your research, Corporate Identity Design, Best Logo Designs

12. Logo Gala

LogoGala provides logo inspiration, an insight to the logo design process and also has its own logo design blog for discussions.

18 Responses to “Top 12 Logo Design Galleries for Your Inspiration!”

  1. inspirationfeed Says:

    I love the new look of logospire!

  2. Megastarmedia Says:

    Simple, clean and memorable.
    nice collection btw.
    sandy rowley

  3. jacob Says:

    great collections, thanks for sharing this

  4. Ambition Media Says:

    Great collection of logos you’ve got there, just goes to show that simple is usually best!

  5. web design news Says:

    Thanks for sharing the ultimate list of logo inspiration websites….

  6. Phil Says:

    Great article, totally bookmarked. Another thumbs up for logospire

  7. Algates Says:

    Thanks for nice collections , the logos are better than mine

  8. Jules - Web Design Says:

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing, it’s always good to get new ideas and inspiration for logos :)

  9. basekit Says:

    Thank you for a great list. Logos are so important when trying to create a good first impression.

  10. AJA Web Design Says:

    I like that these are all in the same spot, as a developer that’s doing more and more front end stuff all helping hands are helpful. I especially like logo mouse.

  11. The Web Squad Says:

    Great collection of designs, keep it up.

  12. Neil Says:

    Logo Design is only a side hobby of mine, and I’m no professional but this list you compiled has given me some great sources for inspiration! Thanks for the time and effort that’s been put into this!

  13. CSL Website Design Says:

    Fantastic collection. Every brand begins with it’s logo and there are some awesome ones here

  14. Michael Jell Says:

    In all aspect that we do, we usually create best things when we are inspired. Just like the logo designs you have here not only an inspiration coming from designer but it also touches others artistic talent to stimulate their creativity. I like most of the styles especially “the Design Inspiration”.

  15. Shawn Says:

    I like when logo’s have their image not floated left or right of them text. Usually though when I create a logo I cannot find a way to use it like that. Nice logo too….

  16. Logo Inspiration Says:

    Thanks for share this greatest logo inspiration site list for designers to get inspire from creative ideas. Also add its new and best one..

  17. anonymous Says:

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  18. vina ilagan Says:

    Perfect inspirations. Great minds, indeed. Keep it up!

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