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Superman Logo

Original Superman logoThe Superman logo is one of the greatest and most recognized logo ever created. Its story is as interesting and powerful as the story of the superhero itself.

When creator Jerry Siegel and Shuster sat to create the logo for Superman, they wanted to use the first letter of the character’s name and for them ‘S’ was perfect. Interestingly the superman logo bear resemblance to its creators’ names too. This isn’t the only thing interesting about the logo, the superman logo consist of deep and idealistic roots; and every element of the superman logo bears some connection with history, literature, science and the arts.

As Clark Kent (Superman) once said in the Superman comic ’many see the superhero as a form of modern mythology’. If so, this aspect of color may play a part. Symbols are the stuff of which GODS are made’. The elements of the superman logo are often neglected which can surprise you. Let me bring your focus on to the important features of the superman logo and its relation with history, literature, science and the arts.

The Structure:

The Square and Compass symbol of a Master Mason; of FreemasonryThe superman logo bears a stylized Superman insignia - consisting of a large red letter "S" inscribed within a yellow shield, which is bordered in red - inscribed on his chest. This fancy triangle with curves at the top gives a clear similarity with the Square and Compass symbol of a Master Mason; of Freemasonry. The Square and Compass has come to represent diagram of the world, caught between the mind or spiritual world (The Compass) and the realm of the physical, the earthly plane (The Square).

The Colors:

Sun, an Earth’s size comparisonThe superman logo consists of two colors: red and yellow.  Red and yellow are the colors of RAO (the red sun of Krypton, Superman’s planet) and SOL (was the name or personification of the Sun in Latin, and can also refer to sunlight). Superman’s powers are activated by the Earth’s yellow sun and  the red sun of Krypton representing his relation to the planet.


The Initial “S”:

The symbol “S” not only stands for ‘Superman’ in the superman logo, but it also means Saving Lives, Stopping Crime and giving Super-Aid wherever it’s needed.

For more than sixty years, the Superman creators have changed Superman into many artistic styles, but the fundamental details of the superman logo and his costume have remained largely unchanged.

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