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6 Awesome Rebus Logos – Unique collection

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Written By: Nora Reed

There are many logo designers who might be oblivious to the meaning of rebus logos, but they are really interesting. Rebus logos are the logos which represent graphical images of the brand names along with the alphabets and letters as well. The graphical representation of the brand name in terms of an image along with a letter or alphabet is not a new concept. It actually, originated long ago. In fact the rebus logo of IBM was created back in early 1981 by Paul Rand. He also created the logo for Shell.

Following are some amazing rebus logos which will help people understand the concept behind them and they will also like the logos – for sure!


NIKE: (N-Eye-Key)

DropBox (Drop-Box)

Firefox (Fire-Fox)

IBM (Eye-Bee-M)

New York Times Magazine



You should have enjoyed these representations of brand names in different manner.


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