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The New England Patriots, commonly called the "Pats" by sports writers and fans, are a professional American football team, established in 1959 in Great Boston. It is part of the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team's name is inspired by Boston’s role in the American Revolution and has achieved great success in the past decade winning multiple Super Bowl titles and setting many records. It was earlier known as the Boston Patriots but entered the league in 1960 with a new name, New England Patriots. The original logo of the New England Patriots was a stylized depiction of a Revolutionary War tricorne hat. Midway through the first season, it was replaced by an image of a New England Revolutionary War militiaman snapping a football, developed by artist Phil Bissell. Patriots owner William Sullivan coined the logo's nickname — "Pat Patriot" — in late 1961. This primary logo was in use from 1961-1992. It portrays a Patriot in red, white, and blue who is about to hike the football. The logo successfully expresses the determination and stimulation of the team.
Old Patriot Logo
"Pat the Patriot" logo was the most ornate and graphically detailed logo to be used anywhere in North American, but later it was replaced. From 1993-1999, the logo used by the team displayed the silhouette of a Patriot's head wearing a red-white-and-blue tricorne hat.
Pat Patriot Logo
Since 2000, this logo is in use by the New England Patriots. It demonstrates a silver patriot with naval blue shadow and hat with red stripes. This Patriots logo is known to Boston sports fans as the "Flying Elvis", due to the Minuteman's sideburn and pout. Not much changes were made to the logo except making the blue shades more deeper.
New Flying Elvis Patriot Logo
A fact that has been empowering the Patriot logo is that it has been always using a color scheme matching the American flag. This color palette has not only made the logo one of the most recognized sports symbols of the world but also reflects the determination and strength of the team. Undoubtedly, the logo portrays The Patriots as one of the most elusive and challenging teams of the world.

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