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Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo – Battle for Presidency!

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Written By: Nora Reed


US President, Barrack Obama has kicked off his next Presidential campaign yet again from social media. As the curtains close on his 5 year tenure, the history making President is set to run for yet another term as the head of US with a rejuvenated version of his new day’ logo design.


2008 Election Campaign Logo:

Barrack Obama’s previous campaign employed the famous ‘Rising Sun’ logo in 2008. The previous Obama logo was designed by Chicago-based agency Sender LLC and comprised of a rising sun in a blue sky representing ‘a new day’. The red and white stripes were evidently used to symbolize the American flag, while the logo was encircled in the zero of ‘08’.

•2012 Re-election Campaign Logo:

Consequently, the 2012 logo also displays the same ‘new day’ idea. The only difference being the placement of the ‘O’ containing the rising sun and plains. This time, the logo replaces the ‘0’ in ‘2012’. Underneath is the President’s re-election website address
Do you think that the ‘Rising Sun’ logo will be successful once again for Barrack Obama?

20 Responses to “Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo – Battle for Presidency!”

  1. bh Says:

    you could have it


  2. C Andrews Says:

    President Obama’s term goes for four years not five. I know it seems like five because he’s a perpetual candidate and not a leader.

    The Obama logo is a rip off of the Target logo with some stripes added to try and make it look different from the Target logo.

    Also, the logo does not symbolize a rising sun or “a new day” but a setting sun and the decline of America which Obama has orchestrated.

  3. tom Says:

    I´m not american and can´t really argue about the situation inside the country but to be reelected, nobody can use the same argument (or same communication) now the people need new proposal, or/and continuity. I hope he wont reuse the “yes we can” again because the answer could be “I you can, but don´t do it, maybe you simply don´t want”

    They could have use a sun at his Zenith… or say “Yes we do”(I´m still searching…)

  4. Scott Says:

    I’d be ok with the logo replacing the 0, but rather it is inset into the counter of the 0 and the white “sun” becomes the bull’s eye of a target. I think this is different primarily because of the blue background (I think white was used for the most part in ’08). I think they wanted to keep the “sun” white instead of blue, so they couldn’t make the logo the 0 itself (white ring/blue center) and had to inset it. They could have done a darker blue for the background and maintained the light blue/white sun logo and avoided the target.

  5. jeev Says:

    i agree with scott darker blue will be a great choice.

  6. Sarah Farrukh Says:

    what about Doomsday in 2012…? :O

  7. Michael Says:

    Best political logo of all time. The most versatile with several American values instilled (flag, plow field, new day rising/new beginnings, “O”). Bravo team Obama.

  8. Judy Says:

    Just saw Atlas Shrugged – They have a great “O” logo too……..Let’s see, gov’t taking over private enterprise, over- regulation and taxation killing all business……..Yep! That’s our OMAMA! I wonder if Ayn grew up around the Socialist’s that OMAMA learned his trade from? It always takes a foreigner to see the great things about America, and to see the wrong. I hope Americans see it before it’s too late.

  9. marko Says:

    I find it interesting the new logo

  10. Harry Says:

    @ C Andrews- What are you talking about? Perpetual canidate? He ran for the Senate in 2004, he ran for President in 2008 and now he is running for President for a second term in 2012. Thats three campaigns, hardly a perpetual canidate. Robert Byrd was in the House or the Senate for 57yrs and 176 days. Now that is a perpetual canidate. Weather he is a leader is a matter of opinion.

    Have a wonderful day.

  11. tom Says:

    Obama is the worst president in history. He has increased our national debt by 6.5 trillion more than the past 43 presidents with 6.3 trillion. He is a joke and will put our country into bankrupsy if relected and so will follow the down fall of the United States as we know it.

  12. kaliyah Says:

    dear tom …. umm he`s not the worst president.. he had to clean up what bush did !! so just shut up. you don`t know what your talking about . and the country was going into bankrupsy before he came along. you may not vote for him.. but i bet others will ! (: good day !

  13. Lee Says:

    President Obama will be re-elected and if you do not like it get out! I am a registered independent voter and when George Bush was president people treated him like trash and they are doing the same to President Obama. America has become a disrespectful country that doesn’t respect its leaders. Let us stop and get behind this president and future presidents no matter who they are.

  14. Mwolda Says:

    Still love the rising sun logo. It has a timeless freshness to it. I just really don’t like the light blue in the background around the logo on much of the material. I prefer the darker blue. It’s richer, more substantial.

  15. Pam Says:

    Not too much for Obama. He has traveled more than any other president in history (along with his family). I’m speaking of holiday trips to Disney, Hawaii, etc….hey look it up if you don’t believe me. He also doesn’t put his hand to is heart when the national anthem is sung. He doesn’t even sing it. When signed in to become president he didn’t even put his hand on the bible.

  16. Susan Burke Says:

    It’s time the government understood that “We the people” want less government and more privatization. So we should hear the leaders and bureaucrats echoing this type of rhetoric: “Power down government, and power up the People”. One nation under God, with liberty for all. So: President Barack Obama; lets hear it from you. “Power to the People”. Lets get back to the brilliant ways and means of our founding fathers, the principles, the economics and the foundation for which this country stands. I choose: “Power back to the People” for the campaign slogan. Now someone out there draw a design and tell Mr. President we want less of them and more of us. Period.

  17. Matt Says:

    Hey Pam… Try a little harder to obtain and cite actual facts before making a claim as bogus as President Obama taking the most vacations of any president. If you do even a little research, you’ll find that it doesn’t even come close. In first 31 months of office, compare his 61 days to President Bush’s 180.

  18. Edward Clarke Says:

    It’s a great logo – the rising sun explains the “New Day” this courageous man means for America – not to take it back from any American, no matter what his ideology, but rather to be inclusive of all Americans, making not only this country, but through thoughtful compromise and honest negotiations – make this world a better place for all people – liberty and equality for all on this planet!

  19. anonymous Says:

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  20. Jaime Villalva Says:

    Once I saw on the TV an Obama´s Logo or Banner – Janauary 20th or 21st – with two words, the known word “FORWARD” and another one dealing with PEOPLE.

    Does it exit? If yes, can you send me the link or the image.


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