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Nokia Logo

Nokia Corporation has been in the telecommunications business since the 1960s and has become a global leader of the industry. The Nokia logo, like the company, is synonymous with mobile technology, high-tech gadgets and new ways to communicate and explore.

So when it came to designing their logo, Nokia Co. made every effort to make its logo represent the company’s mission. And thus, the infamous ‘Nokia Connecting People’ logo came into being.

Features of the Nokia Logo:

Let’s look at the features of the Nokia logo that make the brand so attractive.

Nokia LogoWhat’s in a Slogan?

The Nokia logo consists of a very burly slogan that gives the brand a truly strong position in the telecommunication industry. The slogan cleverly expresses the company’s mission, which is to connect people without barrier and distance. This has made the Nokia logo stand out from the rest.

Nokia Logo picturePicture Perfect!

There is a perfect image of two people almost joining hands with each other on the Nokia logo. The image has given a proper support to the logo and has brilliantly complimented the company’s mission and the slogan.

A Powerful Brand.

Undoubtedly, Nokia is a powerful player in the mobile telecommunication industry. Its mobile phones and gadgets have been infiltrated globally in mobile markets and are the customers’ favorite. Apart from being celebrated for its mobile phones, Nokia Co. also offers it’s customer other corporate functions which include multimedia devices and applications, enterprise solutions and network services. This further makes the Nokia logo a common household icon.

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