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Nike Logo

Nike is a global sports apparels and leisure brand. The company enjoys phenomenal success and currently holds the highest market share in sports shoes and apparels industry. The unprecedented success of Nike owes a great deal to its simple logo design: “the swoosh mark”. Similar to its name “Nike”, the logo represents the simplicity and elegance of the products of this international brand. There is hardly any sportsman on Earth who is unaware of the world-famous “swoosh mark” of the Nike.

Timeline of the Nike Logo Design

In 1971, Phil Knight hired a college student Carolyn Davidson to design a logo for its new company BRS. Carolyn proposed a few design ideas to Phil Knight. After some initial thoughts, the checkmark got approval of the Phil Knight. Luckily, his intuition proved right and the checkmark managed to grab the attention of the market. What followed was an unprecedented story of success and fame of BRS Corporation that we today know as the Nike Inc.

Let’s get into the history of the Nike logo and how it has evolved with time:

Nike Logo history

When Carolyn Davidson designed the first swoosh mark in 1971, she used the word “Nike” through the checkmark. This motif remained the brand identity of the Nike brand for 7 years until it was revamped in 1978.

In 1978, the logo went through its first re-design when the company name was changed to “Nike” for all its global operations. The two changes that were noticeable in the 1978 emblem were a more solid and tighter mark and the word “NIKE” in upper caps which is now visible above the swoosh mark.

The third version of the Nike logo was created in 1995. It is the same year when Nike logo (Swoosh Mark) registered as the brand identity of the products of the Nike Inc. In this version, the Nike designer team removed the name ‘NIKE’ from the design to give the logo a simple and clean look.

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