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Mobil Logo

Over the last 125 years, Mobil has evolved as world’s largest publicly traded international Oil and Gas Company. Established in the early 1960 in Noosa, located roughly in the middle of Australia, Mobil has become one of the most recognized brands and logos of the world. It was a major American oil company, which merged with Exxon in 1999 to form ExxonMobil, but Mobil continues as a major brand name within the combined company. To achieve distinctive corporate identity, many multi-national companies use a logotype, which only include the name of the company and a graphic signature. Take Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas and Chase bank as an example in type. Mobil is one of the most well familiar logotypes of the world, rooted in clarity, simplicity and universality. Old Mobil LogoIn 1964, Tom Gesimar of Chermayeff and Gesimar, Inc. designed this durable logo of Mobil. Initially, all the Mobil Oil Company service stations featured the famous Pegasus (immortal winged horse in Greek mythology) with the word ''Mobil'' in bold, dark-blue lettering. The idea of using red ‘O’, in the logo reinforced the concept of building circular pumps and canopies, which bought immense popularity to the brand. Mr. Geismar, who designed an entire Mobil alphabet thought, that the simple lettering style would not only add a memorable and distinctive element to the logo, but also help people to pronounce the name correctly -- MO-bul, not mo-BEAL. Mobil LogoFrom 1966 onwards, the Pegasus has been removed from the logo of the company, using a simple typeface to attain exuberance and vitality. Red, being the intense color, evokes the strength and blue builds up a feeling of faithfulness and security for the company. The clear-cut and bold lettered logo is a quality example of sheer ubiquity and inspiring symbology. Although Mobil being the manufacturer of the products that drive modern transportation, power cities and lubricate industry, have achieved worldwide fame using a very decent logo. Bold typeface, primary colors and a sophisticated look of the Mobil logo has brought in unique corporate identity to the company.
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