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8 Interesting Ways to display your Wedding Logo – Treasure your Special Day!!

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Written By: Nora Reed

It is the spring season and as we see a lot of people prefer getting married this time of year. Therfore, I thought of enlightening my readers on the importance of identities and logo design for weddings. Moreover, the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has given the wedding season all the eminence. Many couples are arranging their marriage in line with the Royal Wedding date on 29th April 2011.

Regardless of status, everyone desires their wedding day to be perfect and ideal. But the concept of invitation cards, the cake, the place settings and even thank you notes have become too monotonous in weddings these days. So it’s best to adopt an identity that reflects the couple’s personality and/or wedding theme. A wedding logo design is a fabulous way to add a little flamboyance to the party and amaze your guests.

Most people avoid getting a wedding logo design since they don’t know how and where to use it. There are so many elements of your wedding that can carry your logo design and create consistency throughout your day. But bear in mind that using a wedding logo/monogram is highly recommended. Therefore, today I list 8 interesting spots where you can place your wedding logo to make those wonderful memories eternal.


1 Invitation Cards:

Just like a logo design is used imprinted on business cards, your wedding logo/monograms will make your wedding invites more attractive and memorable.


2. Personal Stamps:

Having your own customized stamps make your wedding mail integrated and personalized. Moreover, you can also use your wedding stamps in your wedding photo album to embellish it.

3. Bouquet Ribbon:

Weddings bouqets is another interesting spot to display your wedding logo design. You can personalize the bouquets by embossing your identity on the ribbon of the bouquets.


4. Pin-up Badges:

As a mark of togetherness and unity, the bride and bridegroom wear a consistent pin-up badge that display their love for each other. So, what better image to display on the badge than your very own wedding logo?


5. As Cake Toppers:

Using statues and figures on top of wedding cakes is old school. To give a more contemporary feel on your special day, you can make your wedding cake super personal with the logo on top of the cake.


6. On Table Napkins:

The first thing that guests use on a wedding dinner table is napkins. Getting your wedding logo design printed on the table napkins will certainly amaze your guests and help remember your special day.


7. Thank-You Cards:

Although this is considered old fashion, but your Thank-You cards serve as a souvenir for your guests to remember your day. You can include your wedding photo in the cards along with the logo to make it memorable for them.


8. As a Memento on the Wall:

As a new couple, you’ll be decorating your home with wall art. What better symbol to use than your wedding monogram as a sign of your married life together. This will give you a constant reminder of your special day whenever you look at it.

Considering the various spots where a wedding logo can be flaunted, has started a logo design contest for the Royal Wedding. Do you agree to the notion that logos are integral for representing grand events such as the Royal Wedding?

4 Responses to “8 Interesting Ways to display your Wedding Logo – Treasure your Special Day!!”

  1. Motorola Atrix 4G Says:

    Well, as per my opinion logo’s aren’t very much considered in occasions like wedding ceremonies but if you have good presentation, that’s what is considered in the first place, and thumbs up for the 4th one the pin-up badges thats looking beautiful and attractive in the collection.

  2. 8 Interesting Ways to display your Wedding Logo – Treasure your Special Day | WebDevKungfu Says:

    […] 8 Interesting Ways to display your Wedding Logo – Treasure your Special Day […]

  3. anonymous Says:

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  4. Sachin Says:

    I desperately needed this kind of inspiration for one of my friends wedding….thanks a million…great

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