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Intel Logo

Ever since its humble beginnings in 1968, Intel Corporation has recognized how important it is to have a meaningful visual identity with strong visual impact. Intel Corp. has become one of the world’s most recognized computer brands because of its intelligent marketing strategy and its once long-running “Intel Inside” campaign.

Original Intel LogoThe original Intel logo with a ‘dropped-e’ in it was created by Silicon Valley pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, 39 years ago as they were Intel Inside Logo 1991forming their new “integrated electronics” company. In 1991, the company symbolized its involvement as a key ingredient in PCs and computer technologies by introducing the “Intel Inside” slogan with the Intel Logo. In order to further advertise this newly renovated logo, Intel Corp. adopted the strategy of paying half the cost of any ad/s that used the Intel logo in it. This made the new Intel logo widely successful, and led to the introduction of the famous ‘four note jingle’ to the campaign.

In 2006 Intel introduced a new chip (“Core”) to complement its Centrino laptops and Viiv home entertainment components. This helped the company unveil its new branding and marketing strategy. With the launch of new brands, the new branding system simplified andNew Intel Logo unified the Intel logo look. Its effort is to better communicate important characteristics and value of the products to the consumers. The new Intel logo reflects broader changes inside Intel. The ‘dropped-e’ in the original Intel logo is discarded in place of a ‘swoosh’ around the company’s name with the slogan “Leap Ahead”. This simple expression in the new Intel logo declares the company’s mission to ‘drive the next leap ahead – in technology, education, social responsibility, manufacturing and more – to continuously challenge the status quo’.

For decades, Intel has developed products, technologies and initiatives for the advancement and betterment of its customers. It has invented groundbreaking creations that truly define the word ‘technology’, and the proof is the Intel logo.

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