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Imagery, Shape, Order and Trends – 4 Sine Qua Non of Amazing Logo design!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Time and again we learn about the essentials of logo design, and yet, after some time and experience, the basics begin to fade away from our mind. That doesn’t mean that it’s not incorporated in our work, still, it’s the habit of iconic logo designers to remain consciously aware of these principle factors while creating logos.

Furthermore, the relevance of design, colors, and format helps in achieving the best graphical representation for the client’s company. Here are some more essential qualities to keep in mind while making logos.


1. Imagery:


Whether a logo illustrates an actual product or includes a symbolic metaphor more loosely related to the brand’s mission; they are all pictures that cover a range of meaning. Another way is to represent the meaning or capture its spirit instead of illustrating anything specific.


2. Shape:


Shapes can be basic identifiers for a brand. Typically, logos strive for a sense of balance or simplicity by using basic shapes such as a circle or square as its primary external shape. Also, for a stronger branding, these shapes can further be employed to create program elements.

 For example, circles can be used to create a pattern or texture for circular logos, etc. these elements not only improve and add cohesion to the whole branding concept, it also gives strength and meaning to the graphic identity to make it memorable.


3. Order:


It’s the logo structure and consistency of application that bring perfect order to a logo and its branding. The foundation is laid by a structure initially. There is always an internal structure or graphic motif in a logo in which the designer plays with symmetry or pattern which establishes the base. Once that base is created, every move away from it calls attention to itself.

Maintaining consistency is an even more difficult a task. If you want to keep the value of your logo high, never apply it haphazardly as it will become less identifiable. Nothing undermines design value as production programs such as packaging, merchandise, signage, environments, websites, etc.—without consideration to application consistency.


4. Trends:


New entrepreneurs have the opportunity of starting with a blank page, creating an identity that reflects current sensibilities from typography to colors. Older firms, however, feel rather pressured to update an established image to match the modern style. As trends are fleeting we do not suggest that you follow a trend-setter; unless, of course, being a fast follower is an organization’s open strategy.

Although it’s not considered a good idea to change graphic identities too quickly, refreshed colors, fonts or other program elements can keep it more relevant.


Share Your Thoughts!

How relevant do you find these elements in your own logo designs? Let us know what other qualities you trace in the work of iconic logo designers that enhance the beauty of their logo designs.


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    Wow what a nice post.. Thanks for sharing logo design in such a nice way.. Keep Sharing with us…

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    Thank you for liking the post, Hilary! Keep reading our blog! :)

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    I think.. i like it!

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