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How to Get Rid of Bad Clients – You’re Fired!

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Written By: Nora Reed


Being a logo designer isn’t all about sitting on the computer and conceiving creative ideas. It also requires the skills of managing the extraneous factors and communicating with clients. For a layman, the job of logo designers is all fun and amusement with no worries whatsoever. But in reality, this profession holds equal stress and pressures, especially from the client side. Right from bad credit history to the superfluous demands, clients are a constant source of tension and mental strain for designers.


• Firing Bad Clients – The Right Way:

A few months back, I wrote a post on the dangerous signs that clients won’t pay for your logo design. I also mentioned that it is wise to fire bad clients before they fire you. This post is in continuation with it and shows the appropriate way of getting rid of dishonest or horrible clients. Since most logo designers act out of sheer impulse when firing their clients, I intend to explain certain guidelines that will help streamline the process with ease.


1. Keep Your Cool:

The first mistake that most logo designers make while getting rid of their bad clientele is lose patience. Although I realize that it is difficult to control your temper after encountering a bad client, one must show professionalism by remaining calm and composed. Don’t just start blaring at your clients as it may cause serious repercussions in the end. Never jumps to conclusions and make sure that you are clear of any wrongdoings.

2. Strike while the Iron is Hot:

There is a right time for everything and as they say, “You must strike while the iron is hot”. When it comes to terminating a logo design project, it is crucial to find the appropriate timing to do so. You cannot call up the client in the middle of the night or between work timings to inform him about the expiry of your contract. Set an appointment with the client after making sure that you are not strained for time.

3. Give Chance to Clarify:

Never drop the bomb on the client before asking for his/her clarification on any matter. Sometimes, just because of a slight miscommunication, a reasonable logo design project is terminated by the logo designer. Hence, it is prudent to give your client a chance to explain his position on the issue and then, if you are not satisfied, you can ask them to depart.

4. Give Your Justification:

Just like you ask for clarification from a client, you are also liable to give your justification on prematurely ending the logo design project. You wouldn’t want a client to bad-mouth you after you get rid of him/her as it would create negative publicity for your logo design business. Instead of getting rid of your clients without any rhyme or reason, you should clearly provide your rationale for the discontent.

5. Settle Unfinished Business:

Last but not least, you must tie up any loose ends to avoid facing any consequences in the future. Be sure to sort out the outstanding obligations that are stated in the contract. For example, if client was paying in installments, make sure that you deliver accordingly. It is prudent to settle any unfinished business before getting rid of your logo design clients. A wise move would be to include a predetermined clause of premature termination in the contract.


Have you ever fired your clients? If so, then how did you go about it?

2 Responses to “How to Get Rid of Bad Clients – You’re Fired!”

  1. Michael Says:

    I work in the different area but I still have similar experience with bad clients. I have found that most bad clients I take are in the time when our company have lack of projects going on and we needs some new projects to keep thing rolling.

    So we take the client whose reputation is questionable and in the most cases it ends with fiasco and we always say to ourselves that it can’t happen again but it does happen over and over again

  2. anonymous Says:

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