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35 New Hidden Logos of 2010 – Messages revealed!!

Categories: hidden logos, logo design inspirations
Written By: Nora Reed


A simple logo design can sometimes become dull if created without a strong and relevant meaning. But then again, the best of the brands have simple but effective logos. Recall the famous FedEx logo desgin . Although it may look simple and naive to a layman, it has a brilliant concept with a hidden message incorporated using an “arrow” between the letters “E” and “X”. The arrow in the hidden logo denotes progress and advancement of the company.

This is one of the biggest challenges facing logo designers. Creating a conceptual logo design with a powerful hidden message is more vital than making a fancy logo design. This is because if a logo does not communicate the core meaning of the company to its customers, the brand will be unable to sell. One of the most popular techniques used in logo designing to create hidden logos is using negative space.

Following are 35 exceptionally creative hidden logos that have a message concealed within them. See if you can find them out.


1 Here There:


This hidden logo has two meanings. Reflection of the word “1here” creates the word “there” below to complete “1here there”.



What would look like a human face has more to this hidden logo. The black negative spaces on the left and right side create two dog faces.


Black Cat:


If you see this hidden logo vertically, it will spell out "Black Cat". But if u look horizontally, you will notice that the negative space letter ‘C’ in both the words has been used to show the eyes of a cat.




This is a perfect example of negative space. The "D" has been carefully hidden in the "HIDE". At first, the word "HIDE" can be read with the small "D" in white, but if you watch closely, the black space shows a "D" as well.





A spectacular hidden logo that uses an actual maze to form the letters "M", "A", "Z", "E" , which compeltes the word "AMAZING".



As you can notice, the negative space between the four arrows makes another arrow that goes the opposite direction. It signifies the meaning of countercurrent logo.


Helping Hands for Pets:


This logo design is a very creative use of negative space that shows many animals within one another. Inside the horse you will locate a dog, a cat and a bird.

Shit Talking:


This is a weird but funny logo design. It denotes to quotes that are shaped in a way to create a toilet seat in the middle, while signifies the name of the logo.


Old Drunk:


Although the logo design may look like a plump man standing, but if you watch closely, he is holding a wine glass that can be seen in the negative space in the middle.

Kolner Zoo:


The hidden logo with an elephant’s silhouette is defined by a giraffe and rhinoceros; the negative space of the animal’s hind legs are cleverly shaped by the twin spires of Cologne Cathedral.


Galant Shoes:


Bulgarian shoe manufacturer Galant has a hidden logo with a circular black crescent and stiletto silhouette creating a strong capital G in negative space.

My Fonts:


At first glance, it may not look so impressive, but if you observe this hidden logo, the letters ‘My’ shows a human hand.




This creative logo designed for a Dutch financial advice company looks like 3 ravens, but the negative space in between contains yet another raven.

Lion Bird:


This is an energetic logo to show the strength of a business. It shows that a company is lion of their field and at the zenith as a bird.




This hidden logo has two messages concealed using negative space technique. Under the wings of the eagle you can see a horse and a wolf.



Strength logo design uses a combination of illusion and negative space to incorporate a hidden meaning. The hidden faces are noticeable on the left and right side of the eaten apple.


Oak Bros:


You might see this logo design as only a leaf, but if you watch closely, you will see three heads under the leaf created using negative space signifying Oak bros.

Hidden Cork:


This hidden logo shows a wonderful play on the letters "h" and "c" to create a wine glass. Looking vertically, it also spells out ‘h’ and ‘C’. Also hidden in the glass is a cork.




Safehands is ideal logo for finance and consulting. It uses the negative space to create the S and the $ sign by showing the two hands coming in together.

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium:


This hidden logo is one of the most creative uses of negative space. What may seem as a tree is more than that. If you look closely, you will see a gorilla face on the left side and a tiger face on the right.


Project X Construction:


It is a concept logo design for Project X Construction. It uses the FedEx concept of incorporating the arrow between‘t’ and ‘X’



Reminiscent of the Families logo, this hidden logo shows a mother and child holding hands using the letter “M”


Hands up:


This hidden logo is a tricky one to understand. If you observe the letter “U”, you will see that it shows a person with his hands up.

The Installers:


This logo design is for anyone who does industrial/installing type work. The implied "I" is made up of two doors opening away from you.


British Telecom ‘piper’:


Many of you might not known this. The famous BP ‘piper’ logo has a hidden concept. The ‘listening/speaking’ idea in this logo symbolizes one person (in red) listening and another (in blue) speaking.

A.G. Low Construction logo:


In this logo, the name of the company is written in thin, square letters that hold a great purpose; they are designed to look like the floor plan of the house, which happens to be the company’s specialty.


Embrace Beer:


This logo design uses the negative space technique to hide two beer bottles between the letter ‘B’. the letter B also creates an “E”.

I Hate You:


At first glance it may appear to be "I heart You". But the hidden logo has a different meaning. Amazingly the heart is twisted to spell out “Hate”.




It’s somewhere in between an excellent use of negative space and an ambigram – using a font to spell the word “truce” that fits within itself when flipped upside-down.



Using a bunch of squares, this hidden logo has wonderfully crafted the word "Logo" out of the boxes.This is what i call simple and sweet.




This hidden logo exhibits one of the best and clever use of negative space. Notice how a plug and a cord is extended through the word "Electric".



The cats logo design displays imagination at its best. What may look as a cat stretching out but it is actually ladies heels. The cat is shaped beautifully to form a women’s sandal.




This is yet another creative hidden logo. The small cap letter “e” is shaped in a way to look like a pirate holding swords.



A random and rough typography concept that uses all the letters in the word ‘BONES’, and create with half bones.



In the end, I would like to bring to attention this mystery logo, I’m sure there is a strong meaning behind it, but I can’t ascertain it exactly.

For me it appears to be two wolves encircling in a way, to make the number "2"…what hidden message do you see in this logo?


126 Responses to “35 New Hidden Logos of 2010 – Messages revealed!!”

  1. Richie Says:

    Excellent roundup… It is so fascinating to see logos with hidden messages.. I cannot choose the best as they all are equally impressive although, I’m sure most of them are not qualified enough to be a corporate brand :)

    I see the same things as you do, or maybe the negative space has too many details which I think I’m overlooking…

  2. Says:

    wow!!!! nice hidden logo!!!!!!!!
    great design!!!!!

  3. Manz Says:

    Incredible inspiration in this post! So many cool animal themed logos… and I’m a tad animal obsessed myself.

    I LOVE Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium!!!

    Spot on with the two wolves… it’s what I see. very clever. very well executed.

  4. boy short Says:

    Amazing Logos.

  5. NETMEETME Says:

    THANKS very usefull content ,good sharing

  6. DeeBee Says:

    You forgot to point out the little cork floating in the wine in “Hidden Cork”.

  7. Dennison Uy Says:

    Two wolves definitely looks like two wolves encircling one another forming the number two. Ingenious and inspiring!

  8. David Rochlin Says:

    On the Projectx logo, I think more than an arrow, there are some traditional masonic symbols, a triangle and calipers, that relate to engineering.

  9. muzq Says:

    two wolves ,head and a hand aswell as the number 2

  10. Meidimi Says:

    love the article.

    took a few seconds but got it. nice one with the two wolves.

  11. mike Says:

    the negative space on the mystery logo kind of looks like a baby devil lol.

  12. Chris Says:

    This is a really fascinating and inspiring collection of logos. Thanks for sharing!

    My particular favourite from this list is the BT logo – it’s been around for many years but I’ve never appreciated it fully until now!

  13. dilldoe Says:

    looks like a man with his hand towards his face in the 2 wolves logo

  14. Digital Says:

    I see a face and a hand reaching up in the two wolves bonus logo, it’s in the top wolf in the negative space.

  15. s0ren Says:

    there is nothing MYSTERIOUS about the wolf logo.

    jesus christ.

    “For me it appears to be two wolves encircling in a way, to make the number “2”…what hidden message do you see in this logo?”

    everyone sees this.. in the McDonalds logo, it look’s like 2 french fries are creating the letter M.. OMG??! WHO ELSE SEES THIS????

  16. Anon Says:

    In regards to the 2 wolves, a google search on “two wolves logo” gave the explanation that it originates from a story an old man tells:

    There are two wolves fighting in all of us, one stands for love hope care and happiness, the other stands for envy fear regret and lies.
    -Which one will win? the children ask
    -The one you feed

    You’re right about the 2 the wolves form, but in the negative space you can see the old man telling the story, notice the bumps on the top wolf forming the eyes and mouth, with the negative space between the head and front legs forming the outline of a hand.

  17. SE Says:

    Wonderful logos. They help me to have more imagination outside the frame.

    Everything you see, is not everything you have leaned.

  18. Joe Says:

    if not the two wolfs maybe two tree Squirrels with acorn between them.

  19. Philip Welsby Says:

    Fascinating and very imaginative but one wonders about the value of a logo if it requires intellectual effort to realise how clever it is. Perhaps I’m not intellectual or energetic enough…

  20. Atkins Says:

    Thumbs up …bravo

  21. FictionFred Says:

    Very nice collection! Thanks

  22. lola ola Says:

    i like these logo alot it is very nice i hope to work in graphic design.

  23. Jack Says:

    Hidden logo: It’s a woman with black hair and black bikini top.

  24. Dan Hoch Says:

    That was awesome. In the wolves I see the 2 but I also see a toddler with his hand up its in the top wolf.

  25. Gopal Raju Says:

    Loved Oakbros! How bout the Convax logo?

  26. Dan Boda Says:

    Did anyone see all the images in the negative space??

  27. Anurag Says:

    amazing collection.

  28. Creative Logos | Tech World Post Says:

    […] […]

  29. Travis J Says:

    The I hate you logo, the heart looks like a woman and man facing each other

  30. WTF Says:

    The two wolves logo obsiously show a women with black hair to me, it’s the first think I saw, the top wolf represent her hair and the other one help to suggest a black top with little clevage (right ear of bottom wolf) and apparent left shoulder (tail of the bottom wolf)

    I don’t think we have to pay really close look on the details for this one but instead having a global look at it

  31. Shyster Says:

    Except A “maze” ING would spell AMAZEING – which is wrong

  32. Stu Says:

    I found this from the supposed creator about the inspiration for the two wolves design:

    An old man once told a story about the two wolves fighting in each of us.
    One stands for love, care, hope and happines.
    The other one is made of envy, fear, regret and lies.
    -And which of them going to win?- asked the children.
    -The one you feed.

  33. The Web Pro Says:

    Beautiful logos. I’ve always loved the hidden logo concept. The two wolves logo shows a hidden baby and mother.

  34. Garrett Davis Says:

    The Bones Logo is genius.

    Hidden: a man with a mustache and a with a half parted, half messed up hair…

  35. Rachel Says:

    It looks like the number 2, two wolves encircling and a woman

  36. Wanda Says:

    2 Squirrley

  37. Rolledtootight Says:

    Great logos. Really inspiring and demonstrate some very creative concepts.

  38. Nick Says:

    what about the washington state cougar logo and the The Spartan Golf Club Logo

  39. Maciek Says:

    Two wolves… amazing :-)

  40. Cameron Says:

    How could you forget Spartan Golf Club? That’s the best one.

  41. me Says:

    2 wolves creates a women in negativ.

  42. mars sanford Says:

    Did you even read your very own link regarding the “mystery logo?”

    “This story gave me the inspiration to create the Two Wolves brand. It has a visual impact, forming
    the two figthing wolves, the number 2 and in negative – if you want to tell the story behind your logo – the old cherokee telling stories.”

    Nice linkbait, but myfonts has been around for a while, so I have no idea how many of your “2010” logos i can trust. meh, you got my eyeballs on your page, what do i know.

  43. Dragynne Says:

    At the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, you’ll also see fish (hidden in their logo design)

  44. Adam Says:

    For that first logo, the organization is actually called “One Here One There,” as opposed to “One Here There” as you have it posted.

  45. rap demo Says:

    Thanks for the great Post – very COOL!!!

  46. Max West Says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. To be honest, I thought logos were usually boring. After seeing what a clever designer can do with designs like this, it makes me want to take a second look at graphic design.

  47. Samuel J Says:

    If you like these, check out the Spartan Golf Logo. It is better than most of the ones on this list.

  48. Calum Says:

    An old man once told a story about the two wolves fighting in each of us.
    One stands for love, care, hope and happynes.
    The other one is made of envy, fear, regret and lies.
    -And which of them going to win?- asked the children.
    -The one you feed.

    This story gave me the inspiration to create the Two Wolves brand. It has a visual impact, forming
    the two figthing wolves, the number 2 and in negative – if you want to tell the story behind your logo – the old cherokee telling stories.

  49. Matt Varney Says:

    Was the Xerox logo actually designed to have an arrow or is there simply no way to have a capitalized E next to an lowercase X without forming an arrow.

    Expedia, Exelon, Exxon also have arrows between the E and the x.

  50. Al Says:

    Based on the size of the tails, it should be called 2 foxes.

    Great article!

  51. Digital Pet Paintings Says:

    Really great selection of logos with hidden images/messages. Oak Bros is very cool!

  52. John C Says:

    I always liked the Spartan Golf Logo:
    (although I am not sure it’s a real company — not that “I (hate) you” is.

  53. Me Says:

    Nice Two Wolfs Logo,

    The man reading the book.

    Nice post.

  54. Valerio Says:

    Florida High Speed Rail logo. Hint: the train windshield….

  55. threelibra Says:

    My logo…threelibra logo also represents the libra zodiac connected via triangles (3 sides)

  56. theLULAdesigns Says:

    Nice roundup. I especially enjoy Lion Bird.

  57. xhobdo Says:

    Awesome post .

  58. Baljeet Singh Says:

    Awesome ! Very Interesting and logical. It increases the thinking power in the logo dats the catch.Gr8

  59. sains Says:

    It’s a face also. 2 is the nose and the words “two wolves” are the lips.


  60. Volusion Design Says:

    Love this post. Very inspirational.
    I personally like the Safe Hands and the AG Low logos.

    The use of negative space in a lot of these is amazing.

  61. gagsy Says:

    Excellent collection of logos. and their hidden meanings.

  62. 35 hidden logos | Says:

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  63. grommet Says:

    1 Here There also has an arrow at the R

  64. Dylan Says:

    The negative space in the “Mystery Logo” to me looks like a baby clapping.

  65. Darshan Says:

    the 1Here 1There logo has an arrow embedded betweens the Rs

  66. Ishan Jain Says:

    Awesome logo’s man… how the hell do they think about the concept from scratch ??
    I like that 2 fox logo d most…

  67. Nemesis3k Says:

    The ‘Sh*t Talking’ logo isn’t a toilet seat (or at least not just a toilet seat). The negative space between the quotation marks forms a toilet.

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  69. Serkan Erturk Says:

    The wolves looks like foxes at the first place, and it looks like a woman turned her face left (of the screen) and a low cut dress on…

  70. Logos con mensajes ocultos | ..::DALGREV::.. Says:

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  71. Al Says:

    Great post,

    Some really fascinating and clever logo designs there.

    The two wolves logo is explained here – Apparently the negative space si showing an old cherokee telling a story.

  72. Wendy {Make It Happen} Says:

    No way – I didn’t know that about My Fonts – how cool – – I have been to that site a bunch – and never noticed it!!!

  73. CFD Trading Says:

    Thanks for sharing those cool logos. I also like to use a white and black logo for corporate companies unless its been specified otherwise.

    Myriad Pro fonts seems to be the craze for the mo, and it looks professional.

  74. Julie Simpson Says:

    Would love to see more modern variations of the ambigram.

  75. Rocking Horse Plans Man Says:

    Awesome logos! Thanks so much for posting them. Very clever and entertaining.

  76. jangkrik Says:

    thanks for share this post…
    black cat logo,simple……
    nice logo

  77. oyun haberleri Says:

    thanks for sharing

  78. Alex Says:

    Hi, Great post.

    You are missing the most famous of all: Fedex.

    Maybe only a few people have noticed it. But it features an arrow pointing right. Its created in the negative space between the “E” and the “X”. Its has a very clever meaning I think.

    Good post. Keep it up!

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  81. karrero Says:

    Very nice!

  82. Amy Says:

    I think if you never mentioned that the two wolves were shaped like the number 2, I would have overlooked that. xP

    Anyway, I don’t see much besides ‘2 wolves’ but I see a hand on the top wolf’s leg. But I also see a face there. Anyway, the mystery behind this logo, is that man.

  83. popcorn Says:

    great logos..thank you!

  84. podłogi olejowane Says:

    I want more, more more! ;)
    Very nice logo…

  85. portugal property Says:

    Brilliant. Without the explanation I wouldn’t of gotten half of these. It’s nice to see so many creative minds out there. Thank’s for showing this and congratulations to ALL of the designers.

    I might even think about working on mine. If I do I’ll submit it to you.

  86. Rostislav Blaha Says:

    Thank you for featuring the Electric logo. Articles like this one makes me feel I’m doing my job right.

  87. Belinda Says:

    It should be mentioned that MIRA is a foundation that trains and provides guide dogs for those who are visually impaired. I think the logo is much more powerful knowing that!

  88. Aquarium Says:

    Actually I’m impresses with each and every logo submitted here. It’s a brilliant work of art that plays with our imagination and having hidden messages as well.

  89. kennatumi Says:

    really inspiring to see what other designers get up to. i also do a lot of negative and positive space designs. wonderfully done!

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  91. joshua Says:

    WOW !! It’s amazing .. I’ve never seen before .. Really inspiring .. Thanx ..

  92. Bunk Bed Plans Man Says:

    Amazing logos! And brilliant, too. Thanks for sharing.

  93. Aimee Says:

    All of the logos above are creative and show imagination and ingenuity. I’ve seen many more that could be added to the list as well. The two wolves logo is great and creates an interesting discussion.

  94. web tasarım Says:

    Mother is really good.i like this design .

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  96. Anderson Says:

    Incrivél, merece ser divulgado seus web sites e trabalhos

  97. Damir Says:

    Amazing find!

  98. Shahul Hameed Says:

    It is so fascinating to see logos with hidden messages.I Amazed with this hidden logos, even icannot understand many of the logos without read the commands. Especially cats women shoes a brilliant working was in it.

  99. Shahul Hamidh Says:

    It is so fascinating to see logos with hidden messages, It take some time to understand what exactly the logos says.Hereafter i am trying found a message whenever i see a logo. Excellent

  100. Logo-Designs Says:

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  101. Manik Says:

    In the “two wolves” logo, go to the website. You will find all the details. Pretty amazing actually. In the negative space, there is the old cherokee telling stories.

    Thanks for sharing this :)

  102. jessica Says:

    i dont know if anyone else has noticed, but on the pittsburgh zoo and ppg aquarium logo, there is also 2 or 3 fish jumping from the water on the bottom of the tree!

  103. Jeremy Boyd Says:

    Nice collection of double meaning logos!

    Also check out the Hall Technical logo on the Fuller website, the letter H shows two cars the moment before a collision in the negative space, communicating the company’s services – crash investigation:

  104. donna Says:

    i think the wolf one has a sort of face init the two paws from the top wolf makin an eye and nose on the left side of the wolf the where its right paw is looks like a hand reaching out,maybe an infant?loved looking at the logos

  105. Wii Softmod Says:

    the negative space on the mystery logo kind of looks like a baby devil :)

  106. Baltek habitat Says:

    Superb collection.
    Really very creative and inspiring logos.

  107. Jay Says:

    in the wolves i kinda see a woman’s hair with only one knot…..kinda…..

  108. Syed Says:

    I see two wolves, a number 2 and also a lady. I actually saw the lady first. Its like she is cradling a baby to her chest!

  109. haberup Says:

    thanks for share this post…

  110. Kathu Says:

    The first one has another one,between the both R’s, there is an arrow….

  111. Keen i Says:

    I’m I the only one that sees a red snake in the BT logo?

  112. fishponds Says:

    The “Helping Hands for Pets” logo is perhaps the best one, at least in my opinion. Maybe because I love pets :) .

  113. sahana Says:

    simply superb…. hats off to the creativeness …….!!!:):)

  114. DeLonghiMagnificaTina Says:

    The “two wolves” on bowled me over. How cool is that. I used to dabble in making logos, so I highly respect the creativity exhibited here. Great post.

  115. Akshay Says:

    i see a lion on the last one on the negitive space!!

  116. Abdullah Says:

    Superb……. really nice collection thanks for sharing…

  117. Stephen Says:

    The Cats logo is the best, especially since it looks just like the Amazing logo….

  118. :)den Says:

    girls hair and a boys mustache and the no 2 and two wolves
    in that mystery logo

  119. soka Says:

    so cool keep on finding hidden logo’s and the most things i loved is the AMAZING the

  120. KDW Says:

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one that saw the woman and kid in the hidden logo. What company is that logo from?

  121. Bella Says:

    the two wolves logo are two wolves in a shape forming a number 2. you can see there faces are near the middle and the tails are sticking right up.

  122. Codebreaker Says:

    Excellent blog post. In the mystery image I see a little man with a pointy head, laughing, waving a hand in profile towards the right in the negative space between the ‘wolves’. From a Jungian perspective I would say this ‘laughing man’ is a Trickster archetype, associated with The Fox, Coyote, or Wolf – also trickster figures or animal totems. The trickster is a thief or practical joker.

    The two wolves point to ancient dualistic cosmologies – two deities (as in ancient Norse, ancient Greek, or Native American mythologies). In some cultures, these two deities are seen as equal or neutral twins; in others they are opposed to each other and compete as good and evil.

    The emphasis of the number Two in the logo certainly indicates Dualism, which is antithetical to the concept of One God, and therefore anti-Christian.

    I wonder if you could clear up a private query of mine which is one of the reasons I came to this page in the first place (but couldn’t find the answer): what do you make of the ‘Jack in the Box’ logo(s)? As in the American fast food chain.

    There are two logos for this company:

    (1) ‘Jack’ in white letters on a red background on two sides of a cube (or box), with a fold at the ‘K'; The words ‘in the box’ are outside the box (!) in red letters underneath

    (2) The entire company name ‘Jack in the box’ in a square, capital letters (apart from the ‘N’), white letters on a red background. The ‘CK’ and “OX’ are joined up, and are the most prominent letters.

    I would be grateful if you could reproduce those images of the Jack in the Box logos so that it makes sense.

  123. Pesto design Says:

    Nobody told me my logo was featured here :) I created the ttwo wolfes logo after an idea I had while reading the story of the old cherokee. An americna company bought the logo from me on Brandstack. Thanks for sharing it :)

  124. Susie Says:

    The logo is very creative, many kiss the baby for the nurse’s sake.With a deep sign often bring extraordinary value to businesses.

  125. anonymous Says:

    dating sites for free

  126. Web Tasarımı Says:

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one that saw the woman and kid in the hidden logo. What company is that logo from?

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