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FedEx Logo

FedEx LogoFedEx is an abbreviation of the company’s original name, Federal Express, which was chosen to symbolize a national marketplace and help in obtaining government contracts. The original Federal Express logo was designed by Richard Runyon in 1973. It consists of the name ‘Federal Express’ in a diagonal position with blue and white background. Following the expansion of the FedEx’s courier business into a company offering overnight courier, ground, heavy freight, document copying and logistics services, FedEx logo experienced an innovative change. In 1994, Lindon Leader of Landor Associates created the new FedEx hidden logo design which has become a highly recognized corporate symbol of FedEx Corporation. Behind the FedEx logo’s simplicity, lays an arrow located in the negative space between the ‘E’ and ‘X’ pointing rightwards. While the arrow in the FedEx logo becomes quite obvious when pointed out, it sure is neglected by many. This arrow in the FedEx logo has been used as a form of subliminal advertising of the brand, symbolizing forward movement and thinking.

Now that FedEx has been organized into many operating units, each unit has its very own logo color. Yet, the ‘Fed’ in all types of FedEx popular logo design remains purple. Following are the color variations in different FedEx logos representing different operating units:

FedEx Express – Logo color: Orange FedEx Logos
FedEx Freight – Logo color: Red
FedEx Ground – Logo color: Green
FedEx Kinko’s – Logo color: Blue
FedEx Trade Networks – Logo Color: Yellow
FedEx Services – Logo color: Grey, this is also the color of the ‘Ex’ in its corporate logo.

The famous ‘FedEx Logo’ is a quality example of sheer ubiquity and inspiring symbology. The FedEx logo has won many distinctive awards and is often regarded as the best creative design ever.

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