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FEDEX Logo Design – The Evolution!!

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Written By: Nora Reed

FedEx is a name of trust and reliability. It delivers satisfaction to its clients. Similarly the logo of FedEx was finalized after careful study and hard work of years. The first logo was designed by Richard Runyon in the year 1973. That particular logo was diagonally written as “Federal Express” in white and blue background. Time passed and FedEx gained repute and reliability with every passing year. In the year 1994 another logo was created by Lindon Leader of Landor Associates. FedEX’s logo is the abbreviation of Federal Express. FedEx introduced different services with the passage of time and this is the reason why it has gained fame on multiple levels.


• Hidden Advertizing

The logo of FedEx that is in Purple and Gray color displays a hidden advertizing trick. The letter “E” and “X” are joined in such a manner that they create the symbol of an arrow. An arrow, in marketing, shows movement towards the goal, being fast and accuracy. This mode of advertizing is also known as unintentional and latent advertising tactic, which helps people to understand and perceive the true picture of the organization with utmost ease and comprehensiveness. This is most talked about feature of the particular logo and this is the reason why this logo is liked and appreciated by every person.


• Symbol of Inspiration

The logo of “FedEx” is a symbol of excellence and inspiration. This logo shows the high commitment level of the organization. The arrow that is hidden in the logo shows that different things can be delivered to different places with the help of Federal Express. This also shows their commitment level towards their customers and stake holders. There are many companies who tried to follow the footsteps of FedEx in terms of creating meaningful and accurate logo but none can enjoy the same fame and repute.


• Variation of Logos

FedEx is a huge company that offers its services to different parts of the world. It is not restricted to only one mode of transportation used for delivery. In fact it uses all the mediums of transportation to provide complete assistance to its customers. The height of commitment can be concluded by the number of services and different colors used in the logo. The color of “Fed” of the FedEx always remains purple, whereas the color of “Ex” of the FedEx changes with service to service.

In FedEx Express the color of “Ex” is orange.

In FedEx Kinko’s the color of “Ex” is blue.

In FedEx Ground the color of “Ex” is green.

In FedEx Freight the color of “Ex” is red.


• Awards won by FedEx’s Logo

The logo of Federal Express is a pure example of excellence and creativity. It shows a bond between the organization and customers from different sectors. This is the major reason why most of the times this particular logo has won many prizes and many companies tried to copy or better say get influenced by the design of this particular logo. Originality remains unchallenged.

The logo of FedEx is one of the most liked and appreciated logos in the business world. The logo depicts strong connection between organization and the customers. It also provides creativity to the design and makes good visual. The logo is simple, unique and creative, it also conveys the message to the clients without any confusion or complexity.


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  1. Kevin Timothy Says:


    I never realized that the different colors represented different purposes in their business. You really shared some valuable information on one of the most successful companies in history. So what was your inspiration to do this article? A very off the wall topic that I appreciate. Thanks, I learned something new.

  2. anonymous Says:

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