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Apple logo, Google logo, BMW Logo, IBM Logo, Yahoo logo, Nike logo, Pepsi Logo, Toyota logo, CocaCola logo, Harley Davidson Logo are some examples of world famous logos. You would definitely want your company logo to stand in line with these famous logos. What has made these logos so famous? One thing that is very obvious in these logos is that these logo designs are very simple. No fancy or complex graphic art work done. But yet they are excellent memory triggers. Elements that help in making Logos famous
Whether you are planning to operate internationally or want to market your product and services regionally. The elements of designing a logo would remain the same. Let’s take a look at these elements:

  • Logo design should be simple and should not create confusion.

  • Should follow the designing principles of color, form, consistency and clarity.

  • Should be effective in full colors as well as in black and white.

  • Should not lose its look and feel if reproduced on different objects.

  • Should be able to project company’s image, strength and integrity.

Whether your company belongs to hospitality industry, consumer or industrial good and services industry, Education, Religion, Travel and tourism industry, Estate and property etc. your logo design should contain all the above elements. These elements will help in making your logo stand in line with famous logos. You can now study the world famous logos by simply clicking on the links given below. You will not only be able to review the logo but also study its history and learn what makes a logo famous.
Adidas Logo American Express Logo Apple Logo
BMW Logo Burger king Logo Chevy Logo
Coca Cola Logo Denver Broncos Logo FedEx Logo
Ferrari Logo Google Logo Harley Davidson Logo
Honda Logo IBM Logo Intel Logo
McDonalds Logo Mercedes Benz Logo Microsoft Logo
Mobil Logo NASA Logo NBA Logo
Nike Logo Nintendo Logo Nokia Logo
Patriot Logo Pepsi Logo Peugeot Logo
Puma Logo Spiderman Logo Starbucks Logo
Superman Logo Rolls Royce Logo Toyota Logo
UPS Logo Walt Disney Logo Wikipedia Logo
  Yahoo Logo  
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