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8 Famous Brands and their Funny Logo Evolutions

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design
Written By: Nora Reed

A logo design can take months, years or even decades to develop into a memorable brand identity. Just like the evolution of human beings, famous logos have their own evolution that tells their visual journey. As a logo designer, it is extremely helpful to study how renowned brands have developed their company logos since their inception.

While going through the creation and development of several illustrious brand identities, an amusing thought ran through my mind. Visualizing the future of famous brands, I decided to create my own collection of funny logo evolutions. Some of them even make sense while others are purely enjoyable. Check out my versions of 8 famous brand logo evolutions:


1. Funny Apple Logo Evolution:

The Apple logo is known for its literal connotation with a bitten apple. Maybe in a couple of years, one of its competitors (Android) might take another bite off Apple’s identity.


2. Funny IBM Logo Evolution:

The IBM logo consists of 8 parallel and dashed lines which resemble the shape of window blinds. Maybe by 2020, their identity would turn into nothing by lines.


3. Funny LG Logo Evolution:

The LG logo has always reminded me of Pac-Man. Perhaps this is how the LG logo will evolve in a couple of years.


4. Funny Nike Logo Evolution:

With over four decades of its trademark Swoosh, Nike logo remains one of the most memorable logo. Supposing if the company fails in the near future, its ‘Right’ sign would turn into a ‘Cross’.


5. Funny Pepsi Logo Evolution:

Pepsi is the biggest competitor of Coca-Cola but has never been able to catch up with Coke. Maybe by 2020, Coke would take over its rival and the Pepsi logo would become something like this.


6. Funny Shell Logo Evolution:

The Shell logo is a great example of literal logos. For decades, we have seen its ‘closed’ yellow and red colored Shell. Maybe in a couple of years, the logo would open and reveal a pearl inside.


7. Funny Volkswagen Logo Evolution:

We are witnessing several famous brands convert their logo designs into minimalist and simple. Maybe the same would happen with Volkswagen logo.


8. Funny Xerox Logo Evolution:

Xerox Corporation is renowned for its contribution in photocopiers, printers and digital production printing. Supposing the company goes bankrupt by 2020, this is how the logo will evolve.


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